Evi Vine

Rock Regeneration recently had the pleasure of seeing Evi live, and it was a more than impressive experience as a nervous lady took to the stage at an intimate gig. Yet her presence and voice was something to behold; even if she seemed a little reticent, and demure – although perky and energised when I spoke to her (post-set release?).

Her most recent album and second studio album is a much deeper affair than seeing her live, as her ethereal voice washes over you with the simplest of musical backdrops giving a dark; but not ominous, sound-scape. It is easy to get lost in the world she is crafting, trying to follow the feelings she is expressing. This difference I put down to the live performance of being a duo, while the album features a myriad of friends and musicians bringing her vision to life. Layering as many instruments as needed to form this ethereal backdrop; her voice is rich and full yet also delicate, as she guides you on a personal voyage.

The gentle rhythms; almost like a heartbeat at times breathe life into the dreamlike world while guitar and keyboard build onto this structure. Even when the tempo increases on “Tears Falling To Earth”; as she delivers the lyrics spoken, there is still a calm – that relaxing feeling as the storm erupts overhead and the calm it brings before the chaos, yet there is no chaos here as the storm passes overhead.

This is a delicate album that should be listened to when you are alone, possibly in the dark – let the music and her voice carry over you while you relax. It will take you on a journey through personal solitude. And while I have not written much in this review, there is an expansive depth waiting for the listener to discover.

I have given the album a number of plays since it came into my possession, and I have not even started to piece together the inter-relationships; if any, of the lyrics. This is a personal journey for Evi and each listener. Get yourself a copy and let her guide you. It is a wonderful experience, and I for one will be hunting down her first album.

Track Listing
Love Is Gone
Tears Falling to Earth (Only The Lonely)
Give Your Heart To The Hawks
My Hands Are Tied
Welcome The Dream Led Masses
I’m Not Here


Words by Jon.

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