Chapter & Verse

We’ve lost some mighty fine bands over the years, but every now and then, a fresh sound rises from the ashes of the many influences that the fallen have left behind. I firmly believe one of the finest examples of this falls into the hands of London-based outfit, Chapter & Verse. Before they’d even aired a single second of sonical content, the band were knocking on every digital door of bands and promoters to take the opening slots on shows around the country. Evidently, their hard work is paying off, as this new EP has immediately helped them sign to the excellent company, Saviour Management and Pioneer Music, a stellar booking agency.

So why the rush of initial success? Well, the proof’s in the pudding. A musical trifle; a unique blend; self-described as “inspired by their resounding and inclusive love of music which breaches the confines of genre”. This is precisely what’s on offer for the fortunate listener, as ‘The Wolves Back Home’ showcases an array of highlights we’ve come to love from predecessive masters of the alt/post-rock genre. Their anthemic choruses are ever present throughout the release, as the passionate vocal attack of Josh Carter embeds itself lovingly amongst the relentless technical onslaught from instrumentalists, Darren Gosling, Jonny Hopwood and Ash Morton.

Chapter & Verse

Fortunately, their exquisite debut effort still leaves food for thought. The likes of ‘Shelf Life’ certainly pack a tenacious punch, but there’s more room to gallop. If they encapsulate the fuller elements of their sound, they could well create the same unique blend of sounds, whilst capturing the arena-filling sounds of the bands they look up to. This is without a doubt one of the most ambitious and fresh sounding releases of the year, but the sky’s the limit for what will be an incredibly bright future for this talented outfit. Once they find a way to build up the potential in their euphoric elements, they will be soaring among the finest bands dwelling within the spectrum they triumphantly stroll across.   

Track Listing
The New Breed
Shelf Life
Electric Tongues


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Words by George Fullerton.