Butserfest 2016

Seething Akira opened up a very wet Butserfest Festival 2016 on the Crossroads Stage. Fresh from a busy festival season (not long back from Belgium’s 6K The Unreal Night Festival) and a hectic live gig schedule including a slot supporting Skindred.
Interview by Rhona Murphy (RM) in which we discuss SA’s Airstrike video, Kit’s passion for spandex and the campaign to get to play Download Festival 2017.

Seething Akira (SA) are: Charlie, Kit, Richard, Harvey and Stu.

RM So you guys were the first act on at Butserfest 2016, what was that like?
SA We certainly were, we had a very captive audience whether they liked us or not they wanted to stay dry. Yes, it worked in our favour.
RM You had a very enthusiastic crowd in there. Admittedly some people were in there and staying there for Creeper at the end of the day!! But I’m sure that wasn’t anything to do with it!
SA Of course it wasn’t, they came here to listen to our music
RM You played at Belgium’s 6K Fest ‘The Unreal Night’, how was that
Charlie That was interesting, very hot and very wet followed by very hot!! There was a storm, a proper storm when we were about to go on, it was an outdoor stage. They had to tear the whole outdoor stage down and we ended up playing on the indoor stage at about 2 o’clock in the morning. It was interesting
RM So what’s it like playing to an overseas crowd is it any different playing to a UK crowd?
SA I think it’s awesome, they go nuts. It must be something in the water I think. They are obscene. I think they’re kind of happy that some English bands travel over.
Kit They’re probably almost as happy as we are I get that feeling that it’s mutual.
Richard It’s not just the audience it’s everyone involved, the crews/promoters are so welcoming. There’s such a positive and passionate vibe maybe even a little bit more than the UK.
RM Is that different to the UK?
Charlie To be completely honest sometimes I think it is. You can feel very appreciative when you’re over in Europe they’re just seem very happy to have you. In the UK you do feel that as well but maybe it’s not to the same level at some times. Is that a fair view? That’s my opinion anyway.
RM So what’s your favourite track to play for a live audience?
SA We never agree on anything!
Richard: I like a song called Pack Animal, it’s a little more punky and upbeat.

Seething Akira
Seething Akira 12345

Charlie Mine is a track called Airstrike (RM that’s the one I thought you’d say).
Charlie That was our last track today and we got told we only had one more left when we’d already started our second to last track so we didn’t get to play my favourite song!
RM I was a bit surprised at that!
RM So the video for Airstrike, who came up with that.
SA Charlie and Kit it was a bit of a mix really, we try to do videos which are a bit of fun because that’s the whole idea, we try not to make them the same as everyone else.
Kit And any excuse to get the spandex.
RM Yes, you’re a bit of a natural in spandex.
Kit Yes, I go home and change into spandex.
RM I think you probably do!
Charlie He’s got that look about him for sure
RM That must have been a whole lot of fun making that?
SA It was awesome making that so good.
Kit I got thrown around.
Charlie Yes, watching Kit getting slammed by the number 4 in the UK female MMA fighter. Slamming him and hearing him quiver She did this thing when she just stuck her shoulder into your (Kit) neck…
Kit Yes, that was fun!
Stu: And that didn’t get used!!
Kit And there was also a bit with my face going into a fence that didn’t get used.
Kit I got hurt!
Charlie And he probably had to do that 5 or 6 times to get the right take and it didn’t get used.
RM The photo that you use on your social sites, tricycles etc who’s idea was that, it was inspired.
Charlie Kit’s idea
RM That was amazing, I love that, it’s such a good photo.
Charlie We wanted to keep it fun as always and we always want to get that fun level
RM Well that’s the point of photos you want to look and them and see how it felt to be there. You can see the fun and everything that makes you such a close band.
SA It wouldn’t be any fun if we weren’t close.

Seething Akira
Seething Akira 12345

RM So you went to Download together and that was just to watch
SA Yes, we went to watch and stand in mud for 3 days, like a band vacation, we’d love to play it. Please (Download organisers) let us play it!!! We’ve wanted to do it for a few years.
RM How is the play Download campaign going?
SA It’s steady, going okay, we’re hoping to have a few things that will push us a bit further forward within a few months
Kit We had a discussion that if we do get it we’re going to shave ourselves into bras.
Richard It was quite a sober, measured discussion, if we do get Download I think we should shave ourselves into bras. Yes, that’s a great idea!! We’ll do whatever people say if it gets us there.
Kit You want me in a dress I’ll do that.
Richard That’s quite vanilla for Kit, that’s pretty standard for him. For a guy who goes to bed wearing spandex a dress is nothing.
Kit I’ve got lots of spandex to pick, I’ll wear the Download spandex for that one.
Charlie He absolutely would do that.
RM How does song writing happen is it collaborative or one of you?
Kit Charlie brings the electronic backbone to the table. I do all the lyrics, That’s put in. He (Harvey) writes all the bass stuff and he (Stu) hits things. Everyone is quite individual in a sense, everyone looks after their own station. Once the backbone is there it’s all these guys in their own field as such. Yes, it’s like we’re in a kitchen, we make our mess together, he does the chicken, he does the veg, he’s on potatoes. Yes, it’s quite collaborative Charlie does the backing track and we just add stuff.
Charlie Yes, it’s like off you go.
SA We’re free to be creative.
RM So you already have some dates in the calendar for 2017
SA Breaking Bands festival up in the West Midlands. We support Feed the Rhino in Southampton (the Joiners) 22 September and Southsea Fest where we’re headlining the Drift Stage and we’ve got a gig in Southampton early next year where we’re supporting a really, really good band but we can’t say who at the moment. To be announced!!!

Onwards and upwards.

Next Seething Akira date at The Joiners, 22 September supporting Feed The Rhino


Words & Pictures by Rhona Murphy

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