Eden, Bournemouth

Ollins Lande

It is a Monday evening, the day before payday and the weather is atrocious with the rain pouring down. The question is do I stay at home where it is warm and dry, or do I venture out to a gig that I am been invited to? I bet most of you would have stayed at home. I decided to go out and I was rewarded with an excellent event seeing an up and coming artist; who though still only 15 years old, showed musical and songwriting skills way beyond his years.

Ollins Lande has just released his debut album called “Mustang” and tonight is it’s launch. Despite being a Monday the place is packed with School mates, teachers, friends and family. Ollins Grandma is tucked away in the corner selling copies of the new album at a very reasonable price, with offers of free chocolate wagon wheels (Wagon Wheel is a song on the album) for the first few sold. Ollinís Mum is playing host making sure everybody knows all about what is going on tonight. Finally Ollinís brother is up on stage performing in his band “Soul Creek”, doing a fine job supporting his sibling. It is fantastic seeing a family support each other like this and a talent like Ollin’s should be encouraged.

The time finally comes for his set and as he sits alone with his acoustic guitar in the centre of the stage – he knows that it’s his time to shine. It must be so difficult with hundreds of eyes on you from a host of people you know. If there are nerves it is not obvious, he confidently delivers a great vocal performance with a host of self-penned original tunes. He has an American twang to his voice, a Country style which is shown in full effect on a great tune called “Backyard Love Affair”.

Ollins Lande
Ollins Lande 12

Then it happens, a moment that many musicians strive for but never achieve. He starts playing a track called “When Mustangs Roam Free”; a song about loss, and the whole room falls silent. As he sits there gently plucking his guitar, the goosebumps and the hairs on my arms raise. The chorus goes “When Mustangs run free there can never be a more beautiful sight” and the audience join in, creating a beautiful unity. There are also tears from some of the crowd who obviously know who the tune is about. A very emotional tune delivered from the heart with a mature dignity.

Ollins is a young man with a rare talent who is surrounded by music, and he can really use this ability to truly make a name for himself. I am so glad that he has decided to play music and not sit in his bedroom playing X-box like most other lads his age. The support he gets is so important, and seeing this loving family putting all this effort in around him is so fantastic and heart-warming to see. I am so glad I let the comfort of my sofa to come out tonight to witness something so special. I will be watching this young manís career with interest.

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Album Track Listing
This Rock Will Roll
Backyard Love Affair
Grass Is Greener
Wagon Wheel (feat. Maddie Lane)
Paper Thin Memories
Make Some Noise (Country Boys)
When Mustangs Roam Free


Words & Pictures by David Chinery (Chinners)