Patriot Rebel

Hailing from Nottingham, self-styled “alternative” rockers, Patriot Rebel, have been in existence in their present incarnation since 2011. “Cynics Playground” is the five piece’s second EP and having shared a stage with the likes of Tesseract, Jettblack, Skarlett Riot and Cornerstone, these chaps are no strangers to live work either. As yet unsigned, PR have an interesting, immense sound; it’s certainly very “now”, but I think their music also has shades of old school rock which is hiding in the background, waiting to burst forth!

First track on the EP, “Digital Mannequin” is a pretty brutal introduction to Patriot Rebel; it’s a big, bruising wall of sound with a frenetic pace and a catchy chorus. Some good stomping riffs appear halfway through with some sweet solo work, too.

Second track “Self Hate” is more of the same, again with some soaring vocals and wailing guitars. Third, “Dying Breed” is more of a thoughtful song, almost ballad-like in its composition. There are some nice vocals from Paul and whilst it’s a slower paced track, it still merits a good old listen as it’s rather pleasing on the ears and does pick up to a powerful chorus.

Patriot Rebel

“All I Wanted” brings us back to the speedy, massive guitar work; it’s a toe-tapping, head bobbing journey into “rockdom” with a nice drum bridge in the middle of the track.
This pleasing five-pack is rounded off with the epic track, ‘Miss-Guided’, which is a very modern rock song, with lots of elements that will please fans of varied genres.

Patriot Rebel’s musical style and sound remind me vaguely of 90s band Annihilator and the vocals also put me in mind of many acts that are currently on the scene, including the pop-rock-tastic Saints of Sin. However, PR still manage to capture a unique sound that is all their own; this EP won’t disappoint existing fans and will probably gain them some new ones along the way.

Patriot Rebel are
Paul Smith – Vocals
Danny Marsh – Lead Guitar
David Gadd – Rhythm Guitar/Backing vocals 
Aaron Grainger – Drums
Will Kirk – Bass Guitar

Full track listing
Digital Mannequin
Self Hate
Dying Breed
All I Wanted


Words by Vikkie Richmond.

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