Diamond Days

Those cheeky North Western alt-rockers, Diamond Days are back with a vengeance with a new EP, “The Death of Us”, due for release next month. They’ve come a long way since the first EP (called, funnily enough, “We’ve Come A Long Way”), picking up followers and fans aplenty with their infectious melodic rock.

Prominent live shows with Metro Station, Motion City Soundtrack, The Blackout and Fearless Vampire Killers have also seen Alex and Co. slaying live crowds with their energetic performances. The media love this photogenic four piece and they have been hailed as the next best thing by many a seasoned media outlet, including the BBC “Introducing” crew, Kerrang! And PowerPlay magazine, among others.

But wait, I hear you cry, it’s all very well being lauded as new and exciting by the great and the good, but what about the songs? Are they actually any good?! Read on …

You can’t really call this an EP of five tracks, as track one, “The Space Between Us” is more of an introduction; an introspective instrumental piece which is a mere 56 seconds long. It is there as a little filler to take you straight into the first track proper, the anthemic “The Death Of Us”. A most pleasing track, with a nice, melodic hook, some good harmonics on the vocals and a bouncy disposition, it’s a good opener.

Track three, the cunningly and perkily named “Not Every Song With A Long Name Was Written By Fall Out Boy”, continues pretty much in the same vein, with a big build up to a wall of guitar work in the middle of the song, but somewhat repetitive lyrics.

Diamond Days

“Kings and Queens” is much more promising and appeals to my sense of drama; the song has a big build up to the chorus before dropping back to a more plain melody, with some impassioned vocals. It’s undoubtedly my favourite track.

The finale, “We Are Young”, has some thoughtful lyrics, and a nice hook. It’s a fitting end to an EP that Diamond Days fans will love and it should do well; I can see that tickets for gigs coming on the back of this release will sell very nicely.

I would actually like to see Diamond Days bang out a full-length album; certainly it is all very well to tease their fans with little, bite-sized chunks of energetic bounciness, but a full-length effort will either make or break them. They certainly have the potential to rise above lesser bands that will inevitably fall by the wayside in the increasingly painful and over competitive alt-rock music market.

Diamond Days are
Alex Fearn – Vocals/guitar
Tom “Selfie” Shepherd – Lead guitar/backing vocals
TJ Jackson – Bass guitar
Mark “The Hig” Highdale – Drums

Track listing
The Space Between Us
The Death Of Us
Not Every Song With A Long Name Was Written By Fall Out Boy
Kings and Queens
We Are Young


Words by Vikkie Richmond.

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