Rich Baxter

Hardcore Troubadour Rich Baxter has just released his debut album “Land of the Living”. The Bournemouth-based singer/songwriter has been performing full time for over two years now, after giving up a successful career at Beats by Dr. Dre. The album consists of 12 original tracks and was recorded, engineered/mastered by Rich in his home studio. It was also recorded without any pitch corrections, track splicing, time shifting or any general cheating. Rich states “All the takes are 100% genuine from start to finish” to create the best possible ëliveí feeling. Rich’s belief is, if it can’t be done live, there is no point in recreating something that canít be naturally performed. The album includes some of the areaís most popular musicians including pianist Matt Black and Si Genaro on harmonica.

Rich Baxter

The recording has strong Americana and Folk influences along with many other subtle flavours incorporated. The album opens with the title track “Land of the Living”, which introduces Baxter’s unique vocal delivery. The album has a very Woody Guthrie style feel to it with a very back to basics folk style with Rich’s aim of having a live feel to it working well. It features lots of twists and turns with electric and acoustic guitars, along with mandolins used to give a nice variations from song to song. The album features many highlights including “42 Days” which is just a joyous, uplifting piece of music with a brilliant wall of sound.

Rich Baxter

“Road Hog” gives some skillful, heavier bluesy guitar while “Burning Desire” brings things down with a beautiful Springsteen-style ballad. “I’m talking about You” features a brilliant combination of Matt Blacks piano work combined with guitars and some significant drumming. The high momentum continues right up until the end with the very danceable “Old Gay Brown” which brings in a slice of the Emerald Isle, a perfect song to sink a pint of the black stuff to on St Patrick’s Day. A great debut from a well-respected, hardworking local musician who has created something here that he can by very proud of.

Track Listing
Land of the Living
Small Town Life
Break In
42 Days
The Apology
Road Hog
Hard to Find
I Don’t Believe
Summers Town
Burning Desire
I’m Talking About You
Old Gay Brown

Rich Baxter: Vocals, Rhythm Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Drums, Percussion and Harmonica.
Leigh Crowe: Lead guitar sensation,
Matt Black: Piano/Keyboards,
Bubs: Bass/Penny Whistle,
Micha D: Backing Vocals
Si Genaro: Harmonica on ëOld Gay Browní



Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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