The Joiners, Southampton

Tankus The Henge

The Trip into Southampton this evening was rather stressful, not only are there people on Christmas shopping trips; also Southampton FC are playing a Europa League tie at St Mary’s Stadium, right next to my intended destination the Joiners. There was not a parking space to be had so the car was hastily (Not Recommended) dumped on double yellow lines, hoping that all the traffic wardens were at the game. Tonight London’s “Tankus the Henge” are in town for a rare Winter gig at one of their favourite South Coast venues. A party of people have specially booked to come over for the evening from the Isle of Wight, and the band have agreed to go on early so they all can make the last ferry home.

The first of tonight’s support acts are a 2 boy, 2 girl four-piece band called the Subterraneans, who get things started with their funk-edged tunes that really hit the spot and get part of the crowd dancing from the start. They show some real promise with original numbers “Devils in Your Eyes” and “Sun on My Back”, featuring a lovely retro guitar sound and some nicely delivered vocals. A great reworked cover of The Stone Roses ‘I am the Resurrection’ goes down well with the Southampton crowd giving the band plenty of well-deserved applause.

Subterraneans 123

“Tankus The Henge” take to the stage to a completely packed out Joiners and their welcome from the audience was one of pure excitement. The rumours of their legendary; as of yet largely unknown band’s performances, are beginning to spread far and wide. Frontman Jaz Delorean greets everyone with a wicked smile and gets straight down to business with the very uplifting “You Can Do Anything”. To describe the band’s sound in a just a few words is no mean feat as their influences come from every area of the musical spectrum with New Orleans/Gypsy Jazz, Folk, Rock n Roll, Ska and much more squeezed into each number.

All eyes are on the frontman, a showman of very high calibre who is up there with every great frontman. He encourages the audience at every opportunity to get involved-singing, dancing, clapping, whatever it takes to make the evening memorable. Jaz is a magician on the piano and impresses thoroughly with each number played. The specially adapted piano emits lashings of smoke from a machine installed into the depths of it and Jaz uses it as a prop throughout; climbing on it at various occasions to tower over the audience, gaining everyone’s full attention.

Tankus The Henge
Tankus The Henge 12345678

Alongside the more well-known songs are a few new tunes that give use a taste of what will be on the band’s next album. The amazing “Say Goodbye to New Orleans” has a chorus to die for and gets the audience willingly bouncing up and down. There is nothing not to like about this band with other musicians on guitar, trumpet, drums and bass creating a really infectious big band sound that audiences just seem to love. The set comes to a close with the very addictive “Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker” and the old London-styled “Cake Walk”, which sees the audience all beautifully linking hands like they were pearly Kings and Queens on a street party. The band leave the stage after a triumphant gig that every member of this audience will be talking about for a long time to come.

Michael Gilham
Michael Gilham 

The venue empties rapidly as people rush off to catch the ferry home and a few stay behind to catch the final support of the night, a talented American singer/song-writer Michael Gilham who entertains the audience with some original tunes from his debut “album ‘The Escapist”. He is a really engaging chap who makes the most of his time on stage with some quality piano work and a lovely vocal delivery that impresses throughout.

PS Thankfully the car on the double yellow lines had not received a parking ticket, however the road workers had closed two lanes of the M27 on tonight of all nights and the trip back to Poole took over an hour when it usually takes on 25 minutes. Tankus the Henge though made the trip very worthwhile…….

Set List
You Can Do Anything
Two Steps Ahead
Electric Eyes
Rock Paper Scissors
Last Night in New Orleans
We’ll Do it On Our Own
Last Days are Coming
Recurring Dream

Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker



Words, Pictures and Videos by David Chinery (Chinners)

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