Charity Single for Love Hope Strength

Matt Peach

Singer/Songwriter Matt Peach has recently put together a single called “Now” which is taken from his debut release “Blues Skies”. The song was put together with some notable help from members of the current line-up of The Alarm, featuring James Stevenson on guitar and Smiley Campbell on drums. The proceeds of the song are all going to be donated to the cancer charity “Love Hope Strength”. Love Hope Strength is now firmly established as the worldís leading rock ‘n’ roll cancer foundation and co-founded by Mike Peters, two-times cancer survivor and internationally acclaimed singer of Welsh rock band The Alarm.

Matt says: “It took some time though for me to write a song that I believed was right for such a special job. The lyrics came first and they felt so important to me that it became essential that their message was delivered with some real power. Itís a weird feeling knowing youíre about to go into the studio with someone youíve looked up to musically ever since you were a teenager. The pressure was really on with the song and I literally ended up re-writing the whole track the night before the session”

Matt Peach

The tune really shows what a considerable talent that young Matt has and here working with James and Smiley has really given him the chance to push his boundaries and goals. The former ‘Vicious Liberty’ frontman has formed a considerable relationship with fans across The Alarm community after a couple of notable performances at Alarm Gatherings in North Wales. Matt’s passionate and uplifting vocals call for folks to stay positive during difficult times and the chorus pleads “You just have one life, so live it now”, a very fine tune with a big heart.

Single Available here.

Voice, Guitars and Bass – Matt Peach.
Lead Guitar Solo – James Stevenson.
Drums, Piano, Drum Programming and Percussion – Smiley
Synths – Natt Webb

Recorded at Sunshine Corner Studios and Ratcat Studios.

Produced by Steve “Smiley” Barnard, Engineered by Barnard and Oolay at Sunshine Corner Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Natt Webb @ Ratcat Studios.
Lyrics and Music by Matt Peach. Copyright 2016.
Peach Artwork by Emma Crosby.
Video shot by Oolay Stone @ Sunshine Studios and Nick Peach and Andy Greenley @ Gathering 23 – Venue Cymru 2014.


Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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