Brash Bullets

Southampton’s “Brash Bullets” have just unleashed upon us (well October to be precise), their “Radio Therapy” EP-and really rather good it is too! It opens with “Snap”; and it’s straight in with the customary direct vocal from Andrew (Defiant), becoming ever more powerful in the chorus. Chunky guitars are matched by strong drums and a thumping bass. The song becomes angrier towards the end and the vocal more intense, echoing early UK Subs.

“I Wanna Buy Her Love” has an interesting if somewhat tongue-in-cheek entrance! Even faster than its predecessor its hard hitting drums (Pickles) are accompanied by an equally chunky guitar (Otto). More strong and direct vocals with a passionate and heartfelt message in the lyrics, brutally honest and set to a fast-paced Punk beat. That thumping bass (Buzz) is once again a large staple of this song and the ending is as sharp as a razor.

“Indoctrinated” lowers the tempo somewhat yet the vocal intensity shows no let-up. It’s angry, it’s anthemic and if anything it’s a tad short, but I suppose that’s the point. Andrew passionately delivers a statement more than anything here, a statement of his “indoctrination of intoxication” – simple!

“Girl Next Door” is pacier and is kind of autobiographical. A song about the “Girl Next Door” and the subject’s missed opportunity. Again it’s delivered with honest intent and anger in equal measure. There’s a certain menace in that delivery, particularly in the mid-section during the line “you’ll never find anyone better than me”. I particularly like the bass section to end which softens the blow somewhat.

“Capital City Disappointment” opens with a strong bass and guitar section, before slowing down for an anti-city diatribe. It has a real Post/Punk 80’s feel to the song, all disgust and distaste lyrically. I’m particularly reminded of “Jerusalem”-era One Way System, but one could pick from any number of bands from the era. The drums in the mid-section are almost military while the main lyric is a tad repetitive. However, that thumping bass rescues the song and the ending is simply superb.

Brash Bullets

“Soldier On” is the final cut on here and is bassy once again, with more of those in-yer-face vocals. More military style rat-a-tat drumming and a lyric largely based on “Soldiering On”. A multi-layered effort and the way it slows to a fade makes it the perfect ending.

If this is your starting point with Brash Bullets then this is the best “Therapy” you can get, (musically of course)! This 6 song collection is a celebration of early demos which gives you the punters a taste of what this band are about. Brash Bullets don’t hide their influences, they are a band who take huge influence from Punk’s leading lights and make something truly great of their own. They are regularly to be seen on the Southampton Punk scene and are currently writing new material, while open to offers regarding supports. If like me you like your Punk loud, brash and in-yer-face; then you could do no worse than obtain a copy of this fine, 6 song collection. With the (un)official “40th Anniversary of Punk” now out the way it’s up to the new breed to take the bull by the horns and keep the scene vibrant, and this band are very much a part of that scene.

Track Listing
I Wanna Buy Her Love
Girl Next Door
Capital City Disappointment
Soldier On

Band Members
Andrew Defiant-vox




Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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