Those of you who are regular readers to Rock Regeneration will know that I’m always on the lookout for new original music, you won’t find me in a venue on a Friday/Saturday night watching a covers or tribute band, and I honestly don’t see the point. This month I came across a new band that I have heard a few whispers about before but never seen live. Bournemouth’s Greyside released their debut EP at Mr Kyps in Poole, and what I witnessed gave me faith that there are still gems out there on the Dorset music scene worth searching for. The band played a set containing all original tunes with thankfully not a cover in sight. These guys are confident that their own original tunes work really well in front of an audience.

They are a four-piece with a big guitar sound that has influences coming from many of the great British bands of the past. Though still young they have clearly delved into their parent’s record collections or looked on YouTube finding some inspiration. You can hear sounds by classic bands like The Cure and Joy Division, but they have used what they have heard working with it to forge their own unique take on the traditional guitar, bass and drums sound. Frontman Brandon has a great vocal range and a commanding stage presence. The 5 track Balloon EP was recorded with the help of Matthew Musial at Bournemouth Burrow studio. Matthew has been a huge supporter of local music for a long time playing in bands including Beartown Zodiac and Not Made in China. His experience at the helm has been a great benefit to these four young musicians who have made a debut record that they can be proud of


The EP opens with “Tunnel” with a strong dark bass line coupled with light percussion before Brandon brings his reverbed vocal. The next tune brings together a clever play on words “Amsterdamage”, a gentler tune which has a completely different feel from the first. “Give Me Everything” may have Robert Smith knocking on the band’s door for royalties as the tune’s catchy guitar parts have more than a passing resemblance to The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. “Stage Name Jessica” has a much rockier feel and yet more reverbed vocals and some excellent rhythm. In “Little Town” the best track is saved until last, clean well delivered vocals, a lovely rolling electric guitar riff and it is just a great uplifting tune. With a certainly, out of all the local releases this year this one show some real promise, they are by no means the finished article as I’m sure these guys have plenty more in the tank.

Track Listing
Give Me Everything
Stage Name Jessica
Little Town

Greyside are
Lead Vocals – Brandon Moss
Guitar – Joe Grange
Bass – Aidan O’Hara
Drums – Sam Rawlings




Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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