The Anvil, Bournemouth

Bournemouth Punx Picnic

Having been busy in previous years and only ever attending single days of this now annual event on the Punk Music calendar, this year I decided to attend both days.

Aggressive Beer
Aggressive Beer 123

Friday sees a line-up of 6 bands of varying styles, beginning with the affectionately monikered Aggressive Beer who are anything but. This 3 piece deliver on the humour front with a 3rd wave style, mixed in with touches of Ska. It’s an entertaining racket, slightly rough around the edges but amusing song titles keep everyone smiling. “Doctor Martens” and “Eat Shit and Die” are two of many fine numbers. At times the vocal is drowned by an overzealous yet hugely talented drummer but overall it’s an entertaining start. They end with “Senior Moments” which the singer explains is quite apt, considering his own age! An encore is called for and due to a lack of songs we get “ESAD” (again)!

Foreign Flag
Foreign Flag 123

Foreign Flag is up next, a Horror/Punk pairing from London. Immediately the “singer” makes a bold statement by placing the mic stand in the centre of the room. Their show is hugely theatrical if more than a tad self-indulgent. The drummer is great, his frenetic style, however (IMO) isn’t matched by the racket unleashed by the singer/guitarist. It’s more Goth/Screamo than Horror/Punk but it’s all about opinions. I believe one song is called “We Want Blood”, and who am I to argue? “Theresa on the Guillotine” may be the ultimate statement approved by many, but Morrissey sang a similar song many moons ago but better. I stay for one more song and try to be open-minded, but their output is totally lost on me.

Miseria Hallows
Miseria Hallows 12

Next up are local quartet Miseria Hallows. Their Dark, H/C Punk is the perfect follow-up to what preceded them. Alexz (vox) is confident throughout if a little strained at times. We are informed they are missing their bassist tonight, but they sound OK to me. I’ve concocted another genre tonight – “Shock/Rock/Goth”! Their songs are decent enough and they have the confidence to bang out more than one cover, notably “All My Friends Are Dead” (Turbonegro). The band have decided Halloween has come early in fetching attire that sits perfectly with their sound. Despite a few glitches they deliver a decent set and garner good applause.

KADT 123

The KADT (Killer Airbourne Disease Transmitters) are fourth on and take no prisoners with their Hardcore to the Core delivery! The vocals (Kenley) are strong throughout, throaty in places. Spleeny (drums) pounds the skins throughout with some ferocious hitting, notably on a song I believe is titled “Something More Than This”. Again though it’s a strand of Punk I can’t get along with. Hugely talented they are and seemingly popular, but I decide to give my eardrums a break and head to the bar.

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 1234

Penultimate band of the night are Poole’s finest The Mistakes. They need no introduction having graced this very stage many times. They open with some newer material before hitting us with the old guard. They begin with “God Knows What We’re Doing Here” to great appreciation. Ross (lead vox) is in fine voice and energetic throughout. Shane (rhythm/b. vox) to his left grins throughout. Lewis (drums) is hitting with huge power and it’s only getting louder! “Bi Polar Curious” is also new yet staying true to their sound. “Friend of Mine” precedes crowd favourite “Never Be Quiet” which takes the power up somewhat. The last two songs seem harder edged yet remain anthemic, leaving Ross to introduce the band with humour before they leave to great applause.

Menace 1234567

Well if ever there was a headliner fit for closing a Punx Picnic anywhere in the British Isles, it had to be Menace. A band with a 40+ year history and still going strong with a great line-up. Original drummer Noel (Martin) is chief rabble-rouser while Finn (guitar/lead vox) is chief shapeshifter. Local boy Harv (guitar/vox) is the newest addition to the fold while Robo (bass) has been around since ’77. They open in familiar fashion with “1,2,3,4”. The chorus is easy and they then hit us with the classics. “Screwed Up” and “So Fuck You” keep us entertained, encouraging the singalongs. It’s largely a best-of set but this being The Anvil they dispense with the stage invasions we have become so accustomed to at many a Rebellion performance. I didn’t have access to a setlist and didn’t make notes, but from memory “Carry No Banners” was popular. “GLC” is one big singalong while they end with an interesting cover of The Ruts “Babylon’s Burning”. Well, we didn’t see that coming! And that folks was Friday at the Bournemouth Punx Picnic.

Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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