As you probably know if you are a regular reader of this website I am always on the lookout for new local bands. Recently I had an e-mail from a Bournemouth band who so far I have missed off my radar. They formed in January of this year and in the Summer released their debut EP “Devoid”. The Band were formed by former Bournemouth resident, frontman Benji Taylor who moved to Brighton with hopes of gaining experience from one of the UK biggest music scenes.

While living in Brighton Benji made the short trip to Stanbridge Farm Studios with just a guitar to put some tracks down for a new release. Shortly after this Benji moved back to Bournemouth and caught up with some old musical friends Henry Whalley (percussionist), Jacob Rowe (lead guitarist) and Craig Ayre (bass) who helped finish the recordings. The band have already performed at some of the South’s top music venues and supported bands such as Wild Front, The Manatees and Greyside.


The EP opens with the title track “Devoid” which starts promisingly with a short electric guitar scale, before being joined by another. The songs introduce Benji’s vocals which takes us through a happy/sad Indie drama about wanting and missing someone. “Remember When” is a song about angsty teen memories with lots of lovely played guitars melodies, combined with some nice laid rhythms. “Next to You” is possibly the weakest tune of the set with some quite repetitive, dreary and unimaginative songwriting.

Things considerably improve with “Sweater Top, Jumper, Dress”, the guitars get atmospheric and the vocals change style altogether with a much better feel to the tune. A nice direction change showing that this band are not stuck rigidly to a plan, they are open to experimentation. The best of the bunch is “Gazebo”, a much more uplifting poppier track that has infectious drum and basslines with some nice melodic guitars. The band clearly have some talent and a few of these tunes show some promise; but with so much music out there demanding our attention, they really need to up their game.


Remember When
Next to You
Sweater Top, Jumper, Dress

Band Members
Benji Taylor: Vocals/Guitar
Henry Whalley: Drums
Jacob Rowe: Guitar/Vocals
Craig Ayre: Bass



Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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