Another Bournemouth/London Punk band have formed out of the ashes of countless other Punk bands and given us this fine debut for review.

“Missile” opens with a scratchy guitar intro from Paul (vox/guitar), giving way to powerful drumming (Martin) and a snarly vocal. Delivered with pure spite and venom – (like a missile if you like)! The clangy bridge allows some breathing space before a big return to ferocity. There’s a definite UK Subs influence here, notably at the end – but one could sight many a band here.


“Gentrification” is another song with a definite ‘London’ influence. More snarl and anger in Paul’s vocal and a Steve Jones-esque guitar style. Martin’s drumming has a clicky beat in the background while the song’s fast and powerful throughout and pulls no punches neither musically or lyrically.

“Fat Cat” is slightly less “in yer face” but the guitars are similar, but with no less power. It’s a hard hitting song with a blunt chorus and a nod to the banking system of this Country no doubt. That vocal strains in places but the line “don’t bail them out, let them fail anyhow” is somewhat poignant. A great line in a great song.

“Gutter” begins with some gentle symbol tapping, matched to a scratchy guitar. Then that big anthemic chorus kicks in with the dual vocals. It’s a song of two halves that changes mid-song, before those “yeah’s” kick into the song ending. Definitely one for the live arena and possibly the standout track on the EP.


With EP number two in the making this should serve as a fine starting point for this band. Better still, go see them live – you wonít be disappointed!


Fat Cat

Band Members
Paul Bate – lead vox/guitars
Harv Hark – bass/vox
Martin Weaver – drums/occasional vox


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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