At this year’s Rebellion I was just returning to my digs when I stumbled across Andrea from Bristol’s Cydernide. I apologised for missing their set and promptly blagged some merch. A small capsule of strong cider, some stickers and their latest EP titled “Idiots”. Only fair then that I should write a few lines about it.

The EP opens unsurprisingly with lead track “Listen To The Idiots”. The fast-paced scratchy guitar intro gives way to a largely unintelligible vocal. There’s a crunchy bassline throughout while the screechy vocals never lessen. I find the bridge the most enjoyable part of the song which frankly isn’t a compliment. However, the “woah’s” at the end lighten the tempo somewhat and the ending is sharp. Cydernide have set out their stall early doors with their opener!

“Music To Me” begins with a belch and then it’s more of the same. The crackly bass is a prominent feature but its 90mph throughout. The bridge this time is a lot more noodly and remains until the end.

“How Do You Cope?” is yet more hard-edged, girl-fronted Punk. More noodling aplenty makes me wonder where their musical influences lie? The chorus is the only lyric I can decipher, with added cussing; but I’m still waiting to be impressed.


And so it continues on “Losers”. Even shoutier, angrier and in yer face. However, once the lyrics become decipherable I am more enthused. There’s hints of L7 and Hole at their Grungyest; notably in the chorus, while I’m guessing it’s a song about the perception of others.

Songs 5 and 6 are covers. First up is “Crazy Horses”. I can safely say one wonít have heard it done like this before! The growly male vocals hint at Metal, Deathcore, Screamo, (add or delete where necessary). However, musically it really isn’t bad. Hints of (for me) Marilyn Manson, until Andrea’s vocal comes in and it’s back to the influences I sighted earlier. It would be easy to disregard this as a throwaway track, but it is more than that. “Just To Get Away” (Poison Idea) screams Yank fem-fronted girl/Punk, RiotGrrrl, Grunge – (again, add or delete where necessary). Chunky bass and a ferocious beat, matched to more noodling and fast-paced vocals, shouty in places. It’s a two-minute epic and is kinda Cydernide in a nutshell.


Cydernide occupies a space in Punk largely untapped by me, but are no less important than any band coming through. I find most bands who start this way slow down eventually and dare I suggest become more melodic. I’m not sure Cydernide are about to embark on any such action as this pretty soon, but they clearly aren’t a one trick pony.

Track Listing
Listen to the Idiots
Music to Me
How Do You Cope
Crazy Horses (Osmonds cover)
Just to Get Away (Poison Idea cover)

Band members
Andrea – vox
Pig – guitar/vox
Alexi – bass
Jack – drums


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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