Bamboo Vipers

It’s been a while since these Lymington boys were last in the public conscience, but that time away has been spent well. Illness kept the main vocalist Shaun quiet for a while; but now back to full fitness he and the boys are back with four rip-roaring tracks, and it’s as if they’ve never been away.

1. “Collective Amnesia” opens with some chunky 3rd wave Punk guitars, reminiscent of UK Subs. Shaun’s snarled vocal then announces itself like a kick in the teeth, notably in the chorus. Clear, audible and direct vocally before the clangy bridge takes it up a notch. The chords then strain as it just gets bigger and louder, and that’s just for starters!

Bamboo Vipers

2. “Transient” has a noodly guitar intro before being rudely interrupted by an anthemic assault on the eardrums. “Pick-up truck, inter-Fuck”, they don’t write ’em like that anymore! Somewhat cleaner sounding both lyrically and musically. The bridge, however, goes off on a tangent – multi-layered and leaving you guessing where it’s going next?! And the ending is simply faultless.

Bamboo Vipers

3. “Silver Boots” is pure Glam/Punk stomp, lyrically reminiscing those halcyon days of the 70’s. Every musical cliche is on offer here and lyrically a celebration of the times. Slightly tongue in cheek it takes you back to Top of The Pops – catchy, fun and singalong. Bit of Mud anyone?!

4. “Utopia” continues with those anthemic choruses and its direct intro. It’s a song that transports you back to the mid 70’s where Glam moved over to welcome the arrival of Punk. Early Sham69 would be an influence – fast-paced and anthemic with a truly catchy chorus.

Bamboo Vipers

The Bamboo Vipers are in a privileged position where they are in a niche genre that to my mind, no-one else is covering. If your musical memories began in the mid 70’s then this should float your boat. For this reviewer, their time in the studio has paid dividends. I just hope they get out there on the live circuit and give these great songs the airing they deserve. And while certain sections of their fan base might be clamouring for a reunion by The Cropdusters, one has to commend them for keeping their options open and broadening their musical output. We shall see where these new songs take them but as a start point the UK is their oyster.

Track Listing
Collective Amnesia
Silver Boots

Band members
Shaun Morris – Vocals.
Jon Webb – Guitar.
Al Woodcock – Guitar.
Alex Rook – Bass.
Jake Stillwell – Drums


Review by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures by David Chinery (Chinners)

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