The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

The Jimmy Hillbillies

After much persuasion and constant propositioning an Adam Hart (Ski Daddle to his friends!!) fronted band finally make a welcome return to this fine venue. Previously appearing in his original guise “KFC” (Kentucky Fight Club) to the uninitiated, he appears this time co-fronting the affectionately monikered Jimmy Hillbillies. Can you guess the genre yet?!

At around nine they announce their first song, imaginatively titled “Sound Check” before returning 5 minutes later for the main event. They open confidently with “Rhianna” before “Soda City”. Adam (Ski) Hart, ably assisted by Harry Cobeans (main vocals) are both energetic and vocal. The crowd may be sparse but the Hoedown is in full swing. “Superstar” and “Pick A Bale A Cotton” are simple preludes to the regular favourite around these parts, one “Chicken Train”. Out comes the didgeridoo, but this doesn’t stop Ski pacing every spare inch of the pub while a couple of punters seem compelled to join him in the pit. “Miss Daisy Duke” to the left of the stage performs a note-perfect rendition of “Jolene” before we the punters take our turn during “Carry Me Home”. Three more staples to their set close the first half as they take a well-earned break.

The Jimmy Hillbillies
The Jimmy Hillbillies 12345678

Returning barely 15 minutes later they perform a wonderful “Down To The River” (acapella) and once again we are obliged to join in. Then the set takes a more Rockabilly direction. “Mr. Rock n’ Roll” precedes the humorously titled “Hula Hula Boogie” as once again Beans takes centre stage. Not forgetting the twin accordions played by the two Sue’s with to his right drummer Jason and bassist Mark, this band truly are the sum of their parts. “Cornfield Cadillac” and “Shake It” keep with the theme while the cover “Message In A Box” keeps us guessing, as they sample not one but three different songs to my ears. “Deadwood Stage” seems somewhat poignant for a band who are anything but, while “Bugsy” is simply a prelude to a trip down memory lane with set closer “KFC” – (no, not the restaurant chain)!!

I’ve said for a while this band should be gracing a stage in this town and tonight they proved why. Pure entertainment, energy, props, humour, dancing, between song banter – they covered every base throughout and I for one look forward to their imminent return.

Soda City
Pick a Bale a Cotton
Chicken Train
Bang Bang
Misty Mountain Moonshine
Carry Me Home
Chicken Dance
James Bond
On A Night Like This

Down To The River (Acapella)
Mr Rock n’ Roll
Hula Hula Boogie
Cornfield Cadillac
Shake It
Bird Song
Message in a Box
Deadwood Stage
Kentucky Fight Club



Words By Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)