Oxford-based trio Zurich have come to our attention this week with their latest single “Where You’ve Been”. The atmospheric intro is (dare I suggest) Ultravox-esque. Gentle electronic sounds matched to a clear, crisp vocal. Chiming guitar notes then take the song to a new level. The bass in the background is subtle before (guest) vocalist Dolly adds her vocal to the mystery and darkness within the song. Those chiming chords return somewhat stretched and I’m reminded of Tim Booth (James) in the male vocal before Dolly takes over. Dual vocals towards the song’s end are matched to a dark synth/pop sound as it gently reaches its conclusion.

Zurich have a clash of styles and influences that will serve them well I feel. Describing themselves as Rock/widescreen Post/Punk/darker side of the 80’s is only half the story. On this track, I get the 80’s tag but one would have to dig deeper into their back catalogue for the Post/Punk. However; if this is your start point, then it’s not a bad one. This genre I feel is starting to get crowded so it will be interesting to see where Zurich go from here.


Band Members
Adrian Banks – (bass/vox)
Christian Gillett – (guitar/vox)
Leigh Taylor – (drums/samples)


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.