Mr. Kyps, Poole

As the sad news of Poole’s premier Music Venue Mr Kyps’ closure in June filtered out into the local music community, there was a mix of anger and frustration amongst its regulars. It has been broadcast that this is not the end and the brand will continue at other locations in the future. For now, until the final night on the 9th June bands have been rushing to get in one final gig before the end. Tonight is the turn of local Rock legends “Saints of Sin” to finally and deservedly get themselves a headline show at this prestigious venue. These guys/girl have worked their arses off since forming in 2013, building a solid live reputation with each show becoming a pilgrimage for their army of fans.

To kick off the night we have two quality hand-picked local support bands who will certainly warm up the audience for the headliners. The first of these from Bournemouth is The Wilderpeople, a relatively new band who only played their first gig in November of last year. Though new there is plenty of experience amongst the band’s ranks and they certainly know how to deliver. They have a melodic hard-edged sound provided by two effect-driven guitars which compliment vocalist Adam, whose wide range vocals fill the room with ease. With tunes like the epic “September Son”, “Now’s The Time” and a great uplifting version of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant song” they win over the Saints of Sin fans with ease.

The Wilderpeople

The Wilderpeople 1234

Next up are Southampton’s Our Propaganda, this my second time of seeing them this week as they ably supported “The Fallen State” at The Brook in Southampton on Thursday. Tonight the four-piece seem to be really up for this and come out with all guns blazing to excite this rowdy crowd. The band are full of energy with bassist Joe especially; taking full advantage of the large stage, pulling some serious shapes. Vocalist Jack once again shows off his considerable vocal talents delivering pitch-perfect notes on tunes such as the fast-paced “Blood Red Streetlamps” and “Hey Brother”. He makes lots of positive eye contact with the audience taking in all the excitement they have. The band perform well together playing thought provoking Rock delivered with enthusiasm and eagerness to impress all who watch.

Our Propaganda

Our Propaganda 1234

Finally, on this Easter Sunday the local heroes take to the stage, receiving a momentous welcome from the near sell-out crowd. Kicking off with the title track of the debut album ‘Welcome to the Circus’ the band arrive amongst copious amounts of dry ice and loads of positive noise from the audience. Their energy knows no bounds and vivacious vocalist Rui leads the way as the ringmaster, wearing his top hat and dark shades he oozes Rock persona while delivering some huge vocals. The two guitarist Sparks and Sophie create between them a creative, melodic sound that brings a real atmosphere to the songs with tunes like “Feed the Fire” and “Heroin” really showing off their considerable skills with their six strings. Not content with playing their own songs the audience is treated to a couple of unusual reworking’s.

Saints Of Sin

Saints Of Sin 123456

With typical English bank holiday rainy weather outside the very appropriate “Umbrella” gets a shakedown and an uplifting version of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” also gets the Saints of Sin Rock makeover. The band leave the stage after over 90 minutes with each band member giving their all to what was a final portentous show here at Mr Kyps. The band encapsulate everything that goes with being in a Rock band and produce a theatrical, sometimes choreographed performance that never fails to entertain. Love or loathe their genre you cannot fail to be impressed with what they do.

Saints Of Sin
Welcome To the Circus
Turn It Up
Feed the Fire
Dude Looks Like a Lady (Areosmith Cover)
One Last Time
After Dark
Umbrella (Rhianna Cover)
One More Minute
Wasted Nights
Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars)
Going Down
21 Shots


Words & Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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