The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

The prolific Two Man Travelling Medicine Show are so far having a great 2018, after releasing the “Snakes a Snake” EP earlier this year. Along with a host of festival appearances including Larmer Tree, Wonky Donk, Wimborne Folk, Dark Holler and Outcider Festivals, the band aim to keep the positive momentum going with the release of their next EP “Float Your Boat” on the 26th August. The ramshackle collective have put together four brand new tracks that they hope will be the soundtrack to everybody’s summer. The band are a fusion of Dorset CowPunk mixed with Folk, Blues, Gypsy and a whole lot more besides.

The title track is about the many diverse musicians that have influenced the band over the years including Desmond Dekker, Dolly Parton and Nick Cave – who all get a mention in the song. From the impressive opening, the band use infectious rhythms coupled with piano, violin and guitars to create a tune that drills itself into your brain after just a few listens. The band call it their “Music Lovers Anthem” which is quite apt as muso’s from all over will appreciate the song’s heartfelt sentiments.

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

“Putting on a Show” is about reinvention and keeping relevant in today’s disposable age, a band have to work so hard to maintain their identities. If a continued momentum is not kept up the band just slip from peopleís minds as there are always new distractions out there to motivate people. The semi-autobiographical number features some deep well thought out lyrics including “I’m still travelling putting on a show, world gets smaller as I get old”. The number is run at a much slower pace and the band show some great diversity in their creative process.

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

‘Violent and Sad’ takes a similar pace to track two with a gentle violin meandering along, coupled with acoustic guitars and Mark Lyons spot-on vocal delivery. The tune sights the struggles of trying to be creative, whilst growing up in a tough area as a young person with little money or motivation. The final track brings back the more familiar up-tempo percussion of the band on a tune called ‘I Met a Wolf’, which came about while daydreaming wishing you were wild and actually finding out you’re tame. It’s about the difference between who you’d like to be and who you really are and the tension that causes. The tune has a real Anglo-American feel to it and would not be out of place on many US radio stations. The 4-track EP shows the band’s continual evolution and with plenty of ingredients to draw from there are still plenty of fresh ideas.

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

Track Listing
Float Your Boat
Putting On a Show
Violent and Sad
I Met A Wolf

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show are…
Mark Lyons – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ali Jay – Violin & Vocals
Rob Vowles – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Martin Giles – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Chris Pearce – Keys & Vocals
Brad Watt – Banjo & Vocals
Steve Wareham – Slapbox & Vocals
Seb Hartley – Harmonica & Vocals
Jamie Lynch – Lyrics



Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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