Pre Assassins

Bournemouth’s Pure Assassins released a 5 track EP back in May this year, so better late than never we at RR are reviewing it. “Ever Get the Feeling” opens this collection with its clicky guitar intro and Beck-inspired vocals. The guitars, however, take the song more into QOTSA territory. There are clever chiming sample accompaniments while the backing vocals are subtle, but I find the chorus a tad repetitive. And staying with the influences the ending reminds me of Mansun.

“New Levels, New Devils” (the title track) once more has Beck-esque vocalising and is complemented by the experimental use of loops and samples. The vocals then become multi-layered before a noodly bridge and yet more sampling. It’s a slow, low tempo song but decent enough.

Staying with the samples “Ask Me Twice” follows with a clicky beat behind that lazy, laid-back vocal drawl which is Paul Draper-esque (Mansun). The bridge is Bluesy and the song livens up near the end thru’ to its conclusion. One could sight many influences again, but you the listener can choose your own!

On “Menlo Park” the vocal is more American sounding but they stay in the same vein musically with its Blues/Rock sound. If anything it’s somewhat downbeat and experimental which is the running theme here. As I listen I’m imagining a band jamming in a downtown, sleazy bar – knocking back Bourbon and trying to come up with something cohesive. The “La, La, La’s” are so laid back they’re almost horizontal!

“Your Sin” is the final track on the collection, downtempo on the intro with light drum tapping and gentle picking sitting comfortably in the background. Multi-layered throughout its Rockier than its predecessors while the bridge hints at 80’s hair metal. Once again there’s a fair amount of repetition towards the songs ending, rescued only by some Stoner guitar lines taking it to its conclusion.

I won’t confess to being an expert on this genre, but I feel these tracks would be more suited to the live arena. However; as a start point, there’s enough here within these five songs to hint at future output. If Stoner/Blues/Rock is your bag then Pure Assassins may just be your thing.

Track Listing
Ever Get That Feeling
New Levels, New Devils
Menlo Park
Ask Me Twice
Your Sin


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.