Wave Chase

“Wave Chase” are a 4-piece Indie pop/rock band from Dorset who formed in December of last year and have been actively gigging since April. They feature notably George Kingman (ex-Power Thief), Mickey Golicher (Ex. The Vanndors) and Charlie Cane and Tim Baldwin who all met at BAMM (Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music). They have recently released their debut single “Fangs” with “b” “Fed Up”, which were recorded in the home studio of top rated Bournemouth band “One Word”. The band reveals they have a host of eclectic influences which include The Beatles, The Clash, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Mac Demarco, and The Magic Gang. The band belongs to the new breed of almost genreless and timeless music. With tunes now so freely available and music from all era’s, they can character the development of music for new bands.

Wave Chase

Wave Chase; despite being at an early stage of their own sound evolution, show with these two tunes they are talented music makers with an ear for clever melodic hooks and catchy lyrics. In almost a contradiction the band’s music sounds fresh with a clear retroelement at the heart of what they do. “Fangs” sung by George shows a diverse change from what he was doing with his former band Power Thief – he seems to have a real desire to move forward. With its opening cascade of drums and wall of fuzzed electric guitar sounds, and a good vocal delivery that sounds a little like Jake Bugg in places. Things change on the second tune “Fed Up” where bassist Tim takes over on vocal duties with an altogether different sound, where there are plenty of great ingredients and a very different guitar sound. Clearly a great advert for BAMM who seem to be producing some really well educated musicians, who seem to be the backbone of our current and future music scenes.

Wave Chase

Band Members
George Kingman (Vocals/Guitar)
Mickey Golicher (Lead Guitar)
Tim Baldwin (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
Charlie Cane (Drums)



Contact: wavechaseband@outlook.com

Words by David Chinery (Chinners)

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