The Anvil, Bournemouth

The Ramonas

At my age, three gigs in a weekend is bordering on ridicule, but with this many great bands hitting our town this weekend I was in no mood to just sit on the sofa falling asleep to The Voice (or some such other nonsense). With the previous eveningís euphoria of a Stone Roses Tribute fresh in the memory, it was time to support our burgeoning Punk scene as four bands prepared to hit the Anvil stage. The Ramonas were in town to promote some original material, as well as bang out some old favourites.

Opening for them tonight are Hampshire Grunge Rockers Riteoff. Having seen these guys grow from their infancy; right up to their current form, I have seen their steady rise. They announce themselves and open with “Faker”. Simon (l.vox/guitar) is near note perfect with a strong vocal over Anthony’s (drums) powerful hitting and cymbal crashing. Their heavy brooding sound has shades of Nirvana; but also enough of their own stamp about it, notably on “Need”. Daniel (guitar) adds b/vox where needed and tries to cajole this Anvil crowd to create an atmosphere. I just wish Tristan (bass) wasn’t so statuesque. He holds a high line with his bass but a bit of movement wouldn’t go amiss. That aside this is by far their strongest performance for me. I feel Daniel could do more with his backing vocals, notably on their cover of Nirvana’s “Aneurism”; but that will come I’m sure. Anthony’s drums however just keep getting heavier as they move through their set. Simon’s lyric sheet scattering during their final song is rather amusing but tonight Hampshire’s finest are on it.

Riteoff 12345

Next up are local covers act Mutiny on the Beach. These guys do interesting takes on well-known songs from multiple genres and give them their unique appropriations. Again they are blighted by an inability to move, despite their obvious talent. Their musicianship is great but I just wanna see some energy. “Eleanor Rigby” is a standout cover of theirs but it’s not enough to keep me in the room!

Mutiny On The Beach
Mutiny On The Beach 1

Following them are Dorchester’s favourite sons The Skones. These guys play all the Punk covers one would expect to hear from the first and second wave. No shortage of enthusiasm here but the drumming by numbers and the lack of a singular front person I feel is hindering them immensely. The vocals are harsh and gravelly and I guess that’s the angle they are going for, but I feel they could be so much better.

The Scones
The Scones 1
The Ramonas
The Ramonas 12345678910111213

…and so to the headliners. Back in town I believe for the first time since their appearance at the long since departed Champions (music venue) they waste no time in accelerating through a forty-plus song set on this, their “Ramonas Go Mental” Tour. They open with a few well-chosen biggies including “Rockaway Beach” and “Gimme Shock Treatment” and immediately there’s a small throng of nutters going wild down the front. So much so, one rather energetic punter has to be carried to the rear of the venue for a breather! With the news the girls are performing their own songs on their current tour they debut at least five to this audience. Beginning with a song I believe is called “Problems”, they treat this crowd to some songs unheard I’m sure by the majority. For the Ramones covers Chloe (vox) keeps her shades on, removing them only for the originals! Rhonny (guitar) is head down in concentration almost throughout while PeePee (bass) is the “1, 2, 3, 4” intro shouter. Tucked away at the back but no less important is Cammy (drums), keeping the beat. Shades back on and Chloe shouts for requests. ‘Pet Cemetary’ and ‘Judy is a Punk’ prove popular while “I Don’t Care” is immense. After an hour of pure energy, they have a quick breather before returning for a three-song encore. “I Wanna Be Sedated” and “Rock n Roll High School” sandwich “Bonzo” and that folks was that. There’s no let-up with The Ramonas, they know their stuff and know their audience. There’s no shortage of energy, particularly from Chloe and this near-full Anvil crowd go home happy.




Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.

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