Kid Klumsy

In April 2018 Kid Klumsy released their debut mini-LP “Spit Your Dummy Out” through STP Records. I must admit, was it not for my love of Dirt Box Disco I may never have stumbled upon these guys. Not so much a side project of David (Weab) Grant, more a second band – I’m reliably informed they were around first. Anyway, I digress. Since his departure from “Dirt Box Disco” Weab and band have focused all their collective energies into delivering this fine debut.

It opens with the brilliant “Grow Up”. The drum intro is huge before those clangy guitars and heavy snare take centre stage. It’s personal, it’s tongue in cheek, it’s self-deprecating and all manner of things; but above all has a measured humour. “I Think it’s Time That You Grow Up” – who wants to be grown-up anyway?! The vocal layering towards the end is great until that powerful snare once more takes centre stage.

’24 Hours’ has a heavy, chunky intro that preceeds an anthemic (and somewhat comedic) chorus that just bellows out. ’24 Hours, thank Fu*k for That’ – a song for a Thursday’! A noodly bridge is followed by thumping drums, a brooding bass and noodlier Rock picking. It’s a belter of a song that will have audiences shouting that chorus back at them I’m sure.

“Bully Bullied The Bully” is just Punk as Fu*k in the guitar intro, with a fast-paced vocal delivery to follow. One assumes it’s a playground tale with an all too familiar subject matter. The pace remains furious throughout to its conclusion.

Kid Klumsy

“Sugar Junkies” is a tale of all things sweet. And while it wonít win song or lyric of the year, it’s a racy little number; Punk to its core with its frenetic snare pounding. There’s hints of Offspring and Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s, but punters will I’m sure hear other band influences. “Sugar is so Sweet, but not if you’re a Diabetic” is such a clever lyric and the ending is just terrific.

“Pigs Ass” has elements of Grunge/Rock and hints of RATM. It’s politically charged, angry and direct. Weab displays another element to his vocal capabilities and the slow/fast elements and layering make it stand out as quite different from its predecessors.

‘Mr. Bluey Man’ closes the LP with a “fun punk” song containing power hitting; noodling aplenty and a clear, coherent vocal. Unlike the previous five tracks the ending is sharp and a nod to what to expect on the next LP.

Track listing
Grow Up
24 Hours
Bully Bullied the Bully
Sugar Junkies
Pigs Ass
Mr. Bluey Man

Band members
Weab – Vocals
Ali – Bass
Greg – Guitar
Reidy – Guitar
Matt – Drums




Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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