The Anvil, Bournemouth

Wave Chase

On a boiling hot summer’s evening, with a plethora of gigs to choose from I head to my new favourite venue. Tonight at the Anvil it’s a good mix of Grunge and Indie with three local heavyweights. Opening up are Cherry Lotus who are no strangers to these parts. Their classic Indie sound has pulled a decent early crowd as they romp through a 30 minute set of classic originals. They open with the brilliant “Fake Leather Attitude” which the soundman has pitched pretty loud indeed. Their clangy guitar sound continues on “Get What You Want” as they grow in confidence.

A recent appearance at Teddy Rocks has done them no harm as they continue to grow their audience. “Between The Lines” follows as the songs just seem to flow, one after the other. “Underneath” midset is delivered almost spoken word, such a pity then that all we can hear is the chatter in the room. But this soon subsides as it speeds up latterly and this crowd engage once more. There’s a youthful exuberance about Cherry Lotus that is just infectious tonight, with Aidan (guitar/b.vox) and Ben (bass/b.vox) doing that whole glass/bottle chinking thing. Aidan smiles throughout bringing a whole new dimension to the art of shapeshifting. I donít know if its alcohol induced or just pure self-indulgence, but it’s a sight to behold. Set highlight as always is “60 Million Postcards” and tonight is no exception. It’s personal and has an infectious chorus that just permeates within. “See You Smile” follows before they depart on ‘Jetlag’ to great applause.

Cherry Lotus
Cherry Lotus 1

San Marlo are back to a four-piece after a blistering set on the headline stage of Teddy Rocks back in May. There’s no let-up in their sound as they gently build their set. Bournemouth’s finest exponents of classic Grunge are in fine form, despite the singer breaking not one, but two strings before the third song is complete. Tonight they have set the bar very high indeed, even without the departed Jack Grace in their ranks they still deliver the goods. It’s not long before the moshing starts and they grow into their set with consummate ease, the highlight being the brilliant ‘Honey’ which the singer describes as being “a bit wet” – it is anything but. With no set list to rely on, I shall focus entirely on the performance. I won’t make any ground-breaking references like the new Nirvana, they are quite simply unlike any band I have seen in a while. It’s Grunge alright but delivered in an effortless manner and the drummer is so laid back he’s almost horizontal. He also has a knowing grin of a band living in the moment. San Marlo is simply on it and the mosh pits tonight would suggest these guys have hit the spot. The slow/fast formula comes into play occasionally but they truly have great songs and I for one look forward to their next gig.

San Marlo
San Marlo 1234567

Tonight is officially a single launch for headliners Wave Chase, who command a sold-out Anvil through sheer youthful energy. They open with “Right Side” and set out their stall early. “Walk The Walk” follows as they increase in confidence. Having never seen the band before I didn’t know what to expect. On first impressions they occupy a spot somewhere between The Sherlocks and Arctic Monkeys. It’s Indie to the core with the exuberance of youth. Initially I’m reminded of every young Indie band doing the circuit right now, but they latterly win me over. “Addicted” keeps up the momentum as this crowd really start to engage. Tim (bass/b.vox) is rabble-rousing this Anvil crowd into action with a confident swagger, to which they respond. I’m still not convinced but when they announce a cover, everything about them changes for me. With The Cure recently headlining Glastonbury it seemed only right they should choose “Boys Don’t Cry”. Fair play to them, it’s a really good cover; from then on in they just grow in confidence.

“Better Together” seems somewhat apt with the love in the room now flowing. Some crazy moshing starts despite the heat and lack of space. But tonight is all about their single launch. “You Got Me All Wrong” is announced by a hugely confident George (vox/guitar), who engages this enthusiastic crowd. He thanks everyone for coming and selling out the venue, does the usual promo and then launches into the song. It’s a crowd pleaser and goes down well before they exit stage right only briefly, returning for a two-song encore. They take all the plaudits and deliver “Today (Hello Hello)” before ending on arguably their best song “Fangs”. Despite the soundman deafening us, I’m more and more enthused about Bournemouth’s current live music scene. A big shout out to the venue and the promoters who are really putting this fine venue well and truly on the map. Long may that continue.

Wave Chase
Wave Chase

Set Lists
Cherry Lotus
Fake Leather Attitude
Get What You Want
Between The Lines
Met Too Soon
60 Million Postcards
See You Smile

San Marlo
Not enough
Know her name
Drop D
Freak Out

Wave Chase
Right Side
Grow Up
Walk the Walk
Morning Light
Clean Bowled
Boys Don’t Cry (The Cure cover)
Better Together
Fed Up
Talk Tonight
You Got Me All Wrong

Today (Hello Hello)






Review, Pictures, and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.

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