Heartbreakers, Southampton


Tonight we are in one of the best upcoming music venues in Southampton. Heartbreakers is in the centre of town with plenty of local street parking. It has a very intimate feel and has a great sound system that more than compliments anyone who plays here. The entertainment this evening comes from a Dublin band who have been making a few waves across Europe over the last couple of months. The excitement of Inhaler was initially due to the parentage of frontman Elijah; however, the band soon proved the hype was not just because, as this with their explosive single “My Honest Face” proved. The single earned itself plenty of radio play and over a million plays on Spotify. The band is also off on their first American Tour in November with Blossoms. This gig; with its small capacity of just 100 people, could well be one of the last chances to see this band live in this environment.

The tour support is a London based band called Apre, formed by Charlie Brown (Vocals/Guitar/Synths) and Jules Konieczny (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars) in 2018. The band includes a duo of session musicians to their live line-up to add drums and bass to their sound. Kicking off with “Go Somewhere”, the quartet shows their fresh sound, which mixes electric guitars with a glut of electric sounds. The crowd which is a complete mix of ages seems to really appreciate all Apre have to give and despite being on a long tour, the band still seems vibrant and full of energy. Charlie and Jules show off their fine vocal harmonies with a great track called “Gap Year 2008”, where their vocals collaborate infectiously. The set ends with a huge tune called “Dreamworld” where the band put their all into the final number, using a host of textures to create a vivacious sound. They take their bows and the crowd gives them plenty of positive applause for their evening’s work.

Apre 1234

On to the headliners, the crowd has now swelled to capacity and the band has to literally push through rows of people to get to the stage. They arrive to a really warm welcome and kick-off immediately with their debut single “It Won’t Always Be Like This”. It’s a vibrant upbeat tune with an atmospheric guitar sound and the crowd all seem to know all the words. The band formed in 2012 and their time together has proved fruitful with plenty of engaging onstage chemistry. As a frontman Elijah is full of youthful energy; it’s clear what we are seeing is not the finished article, at only 20 years old he has plenty of time to develop his stagecraft much further. Guitarist Josh Jenkinson is an accomplished player; really giving the songs serious depth with his effect driven sounds, while Ryan McMahon keeps everything in time with his precise stickwork. Robert Keating is not only a great bassist, he also adds some lovely gentle harmonies to Elijah’s lead, the band’s live set up is completed by Louis on keyboards.

Inhaler 12345

Inhaler has a lot of good songs and a handful of great songs. One such number is ‘Ice Cream Sundae’; an infectious pop classic that gets under your skin with the smoldering vocals, searing keyboards and ever-present guitars. Another huge tune is the band’s final number tonight “My Honest Face”; they seem to up the pace and up the energy levels, like a group of horses galloping to the finishing post. Josh’s big guitar sound, combined with the keyboards on this is just fantastic; it’s like something The Killers could have written. There the band ends the evening on a huge high, around an hour onstage that virtually every person in this room will remember for a long time to come. I’m sure next time these guys are on the South coast they will indeed be playing much larger venues.

Set Lists
It Won’t Always Be Like This
I Have to Move On
Save Yourself
When I’m With You
Another Like You
Ice Cream Sundae
This Plastic House
My King will be Kind
Cheer Up Baby
My Honest Face

Go Somewhere
All You
5 to 5
Gap Year 2008
Everybody Love
Come Down
Without Your Love






Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners).
Additional Video by Pete Cole.

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