Melbourne Post/Punk quartet Destrends have just released their latest single on their new record label “Bread And Butter” records, the interestingly titled “Medication”. While the core of their output may be Post/Punk there is more than a hint of Steam Punk, Industrial, Dark Wave, and Metal. And if this song is Post/Punk then maybe the boundaries need re-setting? Anyway, on with the song. The “La, La, La, La, La, La’s” set the mood and the song itself is catchy as fuck.

The setting for the video is perfect – derelict, graffiti-clad walls and a backdrop of industries once thriving. The attire somewhat belies the genre – they look like extra’s from a futuristic age. One imagines too many late nights watching Mad Max box sets with some substance accompaniment, or maybe a few tinnies! Lead vocalist Matt has more than a passing resemblance to Ed Tudorpole, but the similarities end there. This is a statement song with clangy guitars, big-hitting, and a nasal vocal style unlike (to my knowledge) any bands within their genre. That chorus is hilarious in its simplicity and the dual vocalizing in the video is a humourous twist to what is an Industrial level song. There is one verse that just captures the mood perfectly.

No Grace in the Modern World,
No Taste in the Modern World,
Disgraced in the Modern World,
Go to Waste in the Modern World

…and the way the song reaches its conclusion is just brilliant.

I can see this band now on the Introducing Stage at Rebellion 2020, belting out this song with audience mouths agape at what they are witnessing. Failing that, a spot at Whitby Goth Fest wouldn’t be wasted on them. This is cross-genre music that I’m sure will excite fans new to their output. Great production has given this song a stadium-sized sound and while it might be too early to predict their futures, this is a great starting point.


Band members
Matt Savage (Lead Vox)
Billy Watts (Guitar/Vox)
Nathan Savage (Bass/Vox)
Liam Burgan (Drums/Vox)


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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