Alex Incani

Since picking up a guitar at the age of 12 Sardinian born artist Alex Incani has immersed herself in her love for music. She released her first UK single “Only Life” back in 2019 which was swiftly followed by the recording of her debut EP “Could We Love”. Alex entered the Echo Room Recording Studio in Parkstone with a collection of handpicked local musicians and with the help of sound engineer Jack Irving, the four-track EP was released to the world in December.

Alex has a very individual writing style; taking influence from many of the hard Rock bands that she listened to as a teenager with the likes Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Europe and Iron Maiden being regulars on her stereo back home. The songs delve deep into Alex’s personal experiences and she describes it as an “Alternative Rock blanket of feelings that tries to chain and describe a loss of trust, an absence and a battle between mind and heart”.

The EP opens with the title track starting initially with some light guitar string work, before the rhythms opens and Alex’s passionate vocal starts. The tune has a deep alternative core with some dark overtones, with the open lyric “I just want to love you, but everything’s not alright”. Though dark there is some optimism at the song’s fundamental core. The tune really benefits from an impressive piece of electric guitar work towards its conclusion, as the song up’s it’s almost angry pace.

Alex Incani

“Without You” comes from deep in Alex’s big Sardinian heart and shows a really emotional side to her musical creations. The delicate well put together rhythms; coupled with the beautiful atmospheric guitars and Stefanís sorrowful violin, make for one really effective track. Her considerable voice takes you on a journey through loss and the pain caused by this. It’s a really powerful and moving tune which will move even the most hardened of hearts.
The third tune “Battle Of Heart” is a slow and moody piece, reminiscent of something from the 90’s shoegaze scene. The guitars and its rumbling rhythmic pulse create a shadowy and mysterious landscape, which marks a personal moment held within the memory of its creator.

The final tune is a revisiting of Alex’s single ‘Only Life’, it more stripped back and much more bare than the original release. Here the acoustic guitar is the understated backing to her voice, which delivers the tune to the listener straight from the heart.

Alex Incani

This young musician has so much to give and has produced this recording with no compromise. It has four tracks all very different in their own right but all created with a deep honesty and passion. It features plenty of ingredients that are sadly lacking from lots of the music released in our recent times. Alex has the ability to capture her feelings and inject them into a song. It’s an incredible debut and I am beyond impressed with what I have heard here.

Track Listing
We Could Love
Without You
Battle of the Heart
Only Life (Acoustic)

Alex Incani – Guitar/Vocals
Giacomo Vacca – Drums
Pete Cockram – Bass
Alex Paps – Piano
Stefan Defilet – Violin/Strings


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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