Elm Tree Circle

Straight outta Iserlohn (Germany) comes Pop/Punk trio Elm Tree Circle. The fact that they don’t have a number, or reversed letter in their name at least holds my interest. “All About You” is a heartfelt, break-up song about a lack of interest from a female towards a male. It begins with an honest and emotional, almost spoken-word intro; before evolving into a bass-heavy Pop/Punk, post-relationship song. It gradually builds in the drums but the bass takes centre stage with more than a nod to (early) Green Day. The mid-section sees the guitar chords stretched to the limit while the hitting gradually builds. The fadeout at the end is just perfect and leaves one thinking “what might have been”, from the viewpoint of the male. And if a song is defined by one sentence/lyric then look no further than “well you know me, it was all about you…”

Elm Tree Circle wear their influences firmly on their sleeves – Boxcar Racer would be an obvious example. With a song clearly written with a certain other in mind, it’s a well-trodden path in Pop/Punk. In a crowded (and some might argue) dated genre, one needs to stand out. I just can’t help thinking this is nothing new and I’ve heard it all before.

Elm Tree Circle

Band members
Nic – Guitar/Vox
Henne – Guitar
Jo – Drums

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Review by Ross A. Ferrone