Power Of Dreams

After almost thirty years since the release of their much-celebrated debut album “Immigrants, Emigrants and Me”, Irish band Power of Dreams return and are set to release a double A-side on FIFA Records “America” / “Across The Shannon”. The tracks are taken from the much anticipated first Power of Dream’s studio album in twenty-five years called Aüslander. Despite the time the band have been away their fan base has remained strong and the band decided to return after calls from their fans. Frontman Craig Walker explained “I am doing this for the fans who have been asking for it for 25 years, but also for myself and the guys in the band. It was a special time in our lives and I hope the new album is a worthy follow up to Immigrants”. The new album will be followed by a special 30th Anniversary remastered release of “Immigrants, Emigrants and Me” that will also feature a special collection of previously unreleased material. The band was formed in 1988 amongst a hectic Indie music scene in Ireland that featured bands like Frank and Walters, Sultans of Ping, The Fatima Mansions, A House, Engine Alley, Into Paradise and many more. Power of Dreams featured Craig Walker on vocals/guitar along with his brother Keith on drums, with the line-up completed by guitarist Ian Olney and Bassist Mick Lennox.

The first of the new tracks “America” captures the essence of the band’s former glories, with hypnotic rhythms and melodic guitars coupled with Craig’s thought-provoking infectious lyrics. The tune is set to fire the band back into today’s modern digital age and give them the chance to reach a whole new potential audience. During their time together in the late 1980’s/ early 1990’s they played gigs/tours alongside bands including The Mission, New Model Army, Neds Atomic Dustbin, House of Love, The Wedding Present, and The Pixies. It is fair to say that despite some excellent songwriting; fantastic live performances and a large cult following of fans, the band never totally realized their full potential. The last live performance was a special one-off reunion in London at The Forum as part of the Indie Daze Festival in 2014 and the band are keen to get out on the road again with plans to arrange a tour in support of the new album. On the second track “Across The Shannon” songwriter Craig digs deep into his soul with a personal song about a someone he loves. It details the regret of past failings and how we can all learn from relationship experiences. The tune echoes some of the styles used in previous material such as songs like “My Average Day” and “Had You Listened”; it meanders beautifully with Craig’s heartfelt vocals, coupled with delicate keys and light rhythms.

Power Of Dreams

The new album Aüslander was recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown period with all the band members recording their parts separately. Craig explains
“Many of the new songs are tracks that I have been keeping to one side in recent times in my job as a songwriter, they were very obviously Power of Dreams songs. I have found the experience of looking back and reflecting a really interesting one. I would only have ever done this when I felt there was an artistic purpose to a new record.”

There are several connections between Immigrants, Emigrants and Me and Aüslander, perhaps most obviously in the albums titles (Aüslander meaning “foreigner” in German). “There’s a lot of personal stuff in the album,” says Craig, “that only worked in the context of a Power of Dreams album. There’s a song for my mother, who played a huge part in the band’s beginnings. She allowed us to rehearse in her kitchen and garden shed for years and never complained once. I wrote the song “Margaret” in 2000 when she was dying in hospital.” The new album is due out later this year.

Power of Dreams are
Craig Walker – Guitar/Vocals
Keith Walker- Drums
Mick Lennox – Bass
Ian Olney- Guitar



Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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