After a string of drip released singles, Mechner unveils the final part of “Club Idem” with single “Ghosts in the Mirror”, fittingly on Halloween 2020. This is released with an accompanying music video, which continues the narrative which has been seen across Mechner’s previous four releases this year, bringing the completion of the “Club Idem” collection. Mechner aka Jack Ahern explains “it’s almost like a mini TV series; embedded in the music videos and tied to the music, which when watched in order reveals a compelling narrative about the mysterious “Club Idem”; it’s enigmatic owner known only as “The Host” and how this Club affects the lives of four people as their paths cross over the course of 3 nights, you could easily draw similarities to the style of “Black Mirror” and Club Idem”. “Ghosts is about being blackout intoxicated on a night out; the feeling of not knowing where you are, but remembering only flashing images and sounds. Somewhere in the recesses of your mind you are aware of what’s going on, but you have almost no control over your body or brain. The idea of being trapped in oneself, it’s actually quite terrifying the idea of what can happen when you are not in control”.

Mechner started experimenting with short films with his first single “Surfacing” in 2016 and as he really enjoyed the process, it was continued. The video is presented in Black and White and shows one of the main characters going through grief over the loss of his partner to the mysterious Club Idem; though the ending is one you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. Mechner explains “layers are a really important thing to my art. I like to hide things below the surface and make things with subtext for those willing to dig into the material, there is something simple hidden in plain sight of this music video that I wonder will anyone pick up on?”

The highly emotive tune features some wonderfully deep; penetrating bass lines, coupled with bursts of snare and some subtle guitar. Jack’s powerful voice towers over the musical backdrop producing one of the performances of this collection, giving the tune huge depth. The well-shot accompanying video features a relatable slice of suburban life, when things go from bad to worse for the main character. Mechner clearly has plenty of talent in all areas and this new EP is a great showcase in bringing this all together.

“Ghosts in the Mirror” is set to be released on October 31st worldwide and is Mechner’s fifth and final release from his anticipated forthcoming mini-LP “Club Idem”.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).


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