October 2nd saw a pre-album release of two songs from the forthcoming album in the late Pete Shelley’s memory, inspiringly titled “Yesterday’s Not Here”. On the one side you have Yorkshire’s finest exponents of all things Post/Punk, Dark/Pop Klammer taking on “I Don’t Know What It Is” and on the other, a band new to my ears The White Ribbons version of “You Say You Don’t Love Me”. While the Ribbons have stayed close to the original, Klammer has opted for a darker appraisal.

Klammer not straying from their trademark sound the song opens with Poss’s broad, throaty tones; which get darker as the song progresses. The bridge chimes and squalls, stretching those guitar chords to the absolute limit. As it chugs to its conclusion the song mellows somewhat, with a subtle tambourine sound just about seeping through. There are layers to the vocal in the chorus, and the song closes sharp and abrupt.


The White Ribbons on the other hand have stayed much closer to the original, minus the clanging guitars. If anything slightly Poppier, almost ‘New Wave’. Clean guitar lines by comparison, an audible vocal throughout; a noodly bridge and an unfussy drumbeat. One imagines the singer smiling throughout, it has such a happy vibe about it. And, there’s a nice comedic ending to boot.

The White Ribbons

The album Yesterdays Not Here, containing at least 25 tracks written by or inspired by the man himself is released on October 4th on # Not Murdered Records (Manchester UK). These two tracks are just a taster release.

Track Listing
Klammer – “I Don’t Know What It Is”
The White Ribbons – “You Say You Don’t Love Me”

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Review by Ross A. Ferrone.