“Live and Unheard” – Lighthouse, Poole

We Are Robot

After yet another lockdown disturbing musical events all over the UK during November, live music returns to the Lighthouse in Poole once again in a very different format to what we have all been used too. Tonight’s Live & Unheard event is in the main theatre upstairs on the left side of the building as you look at it. The audience is restricted in numbers with everyone spaced away from everyone else, along with an entire row gap to keep with the socially distanced rules. Everybody is also required to wear facemasks unless they are eating, drinking or performing. Despite the obvious pressures of putting on an event in these times Matt Black and Berkhauer are working harder than ever to keep things moving. Tonight’s host is local legend and star of his own TV show OriGenaros….the local man with the red trousers and huge personality Si Genaro. The line-up this evening features three very different acts who are clearly pleased to have the chance of performing live again.

Chaos From Order
Chaos From Order 1234

The first of these is Bournemouth based act Chaos from Order, an ever-evolving project that is the brain child of multi-instrumentalist Willy Kelly. Tonight’s format is as a duo and Will is playing electric guitar, along with Lesina Thornley on vocals. They kick off with opening number ‘Golden Lines’ and show themselves to be worthy of their place in the line-up. Will is an accomplished and creative guitar player providing a host of effects. On tracks like “Storyline” and the upbeat “Monster” the effects come into their own, ably filling this large hall along with Lesina’s considerable vocals. At times they seem a little unrehearsed, with the songs ending somewhat abruptly. The final song called “Freeway” is an altogether upbeat, dancier number full of creative effects; but somehow does not seem to be ready for a live performance as of yet. There is indeed plenty of talent on show here, but I question whether this is the right format on which to deliver these songs.

Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths 1234

Next up; all the way from Brentwood in Essex is singer/songwriter Sophie Griffiths, who brings along with her a full band featuring Ollie on drums, Cherry on guitar, Taylah on bass and Avril on backing vocals. From the opening emotive number, it’s clear we have a real gem of an artist, and with her delightful vocal range fills the theatre easily. You cannot fault the band either, the young team of musicians all seem very well-rehearsed, especially vocalist Avril who provides some excellent harmonies on a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through The Grapevine”. Sophie’s songwriting tackles the toxicity of social media in a tune called “Holding On To You” and the difficulties of relationships in your teen years with “Keep Your Love”. All of her material features relevant subjects that easily connects with the audience. The set ends with an enchanting new tune called “Whole”, which was written recently while in lockdown. As Sophie and her band take their final bows there is plenty of appreciation from the audience, just proving live music beats any streamed events hands down.

We Are Robot
We Are Robot 1234567

The headliners We Are Robot played this event in the downstairs Sheling Studio in April 2019 and their set was so popular, they have been invited back once again. This time though they have an extra element in the form of pianist Matt Black, who is to play the whole set with them. They open with their new single “Me and My Girl”, which is a delightful tune and the first of a welcome new batch of material due out soon. The band have recently put out a video to go with the tune made on a retro “Commodore Amiga” compiled by frontman Paul Denson, as a homage to Adventure game Monkey Island. The band perform a host of original tunes from their two albums including “Wasting Time”; a rarely played, an incredibly catchy tune from their first album along with one of my personal favourites “You’ll Find Your Way”. You cannot fault anything they do, the five musicians all play in perfect unison delivering beautiful melodies and wondrous harmonies. Matt’s piano gives the songs more depth and is certainly a very welcome addition.

During lockdown, the band made a documentary about themselves called “The Origins of W.A.R” which tells their story right from the beginning. The film features the band meeting up with the Scottish group Travis at a gig in Bath and in homage to this the band play their own version of a Travis song called “A Ghost”. The end arrives too soon and the band aptly play their last number called “Last Song”, which funnily enough does not happen to be their last song. As host Si Genaro gets permission from the venue’s staff to allow one last tune the final number. The song is an audience rousing version the Oasis classic “Don’t Look Back in Anger”. This ends the evening perfectly, after much cheering and applause the band leave the stage with smiles on their faces after a great night’s work.

Set Lists
Chaos From Order
Golden Lines
Better Off

Sophie Griffith
Holding On To You
Keep Your Love
Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
No One Else But You

We Are Robot
Me and My Girl
Here & Now
Someone Song
Live Like Our Youth
Shining Light
Can We Just Rewind
Wasting Time
A Ghost (Travis)
You’ll Find Your Way
Bring Back Yesterday
The Last Song
Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis)






Live & UnHeard returns on the 14th January with Lump, Andy Grant Band & Carley Varley. Tickets are just £11.75 and can be purchased from the official Lighthouse website here.

Words, Pictures & Video by David Chinery (Chinners).

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