The Anvil, Bournemouth

Tonight we are in Bournemouth to celebrate the release of the “We Are What You Made Us” EP by Dorset melodic rock Quartet Capulus. The band was originally formed in 2013 by friends Josh Vaughan (Vocals, Guitar) and Tom Riley (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and were later joined by the all Sicilian rhythm section of Alex Incani (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) along with Giacomo Vacca (Drums). The very proactive band has experienced a multitude of twists and turns throughout their time together with plenty of memorable live performances; even coming out on top during a local battle of the band’s competition in 2019. They have recently joined forces with Gordon Kimber and his Morningstar agency in an aim to increase the band’s momentum.

Before Capulus take to the stage there is the small matter of a couple of local support to entertain us. The first of these is “One Word”, who have had a few notable changes since they were last on stage. Guitarist/Vocalist Jonathan Lindop has left the band with remaining member Max Harris borrowing the “Mikey Ball & the Company” rhythm section of Dean Hurst on bass and his brother Will Harris on drums to complete tonight’s line-up. They kick off with an Artic Monkeys classic and Max is shaking down his brand new white fender telecaster guitar, which is sounding great. The set comprises a mixture of well-chosen covers, along with a couple of One Word originals “Sweet Smell” and “Still Me”. The later song was possibly the last song the original band performed together after a great lockdown version of the track was posted online during the pandemic. Max by his own admission struggled a little with the vocals as he was suffering from a post-Covid cold, despite this there were still genuine bursts of his quality musicianship and I’m sure we will see this band in whatever format it eventually manifests, firing on all cylinders once again in the future.

One Word
One Word 123

Next up are the Ragwormers, a band who have had a hectic Summer doing their absolute best to give the local music scene a kick start. They have been working relentlessly putting on festivals including “The Endless Worm” and “Rag City”, giving a safe platform to local acts as they emerge from the pandemic. The five-piece band, fronted by Glen Salmon have tonight drawn themselves quite a crowd of fans and as they kick off with their recent single “Space Traveller”, with the atmosphere in the place increasing in altitude. The sound is a heady mix of rock, funk, reggae and blues to create a unique uplifting sound that has an infectious fun element. With tracks like “No One Needs Know” and the totally danceable “Don’t Wanna Be Low”, one cannot help but be dragged in. All five are very credible musicians and there are some really notable performers among them, who really impress with their craft. They even during their set generously toss some free signature hats and t-shirts into the crowd. An immaculate performance that had everything and one that both old and new fans enjoyed, with everyone shouting for more as they leave the stage triumphantly.

Ragwormers 123

And so to the headliners who have been waiting patiently for their moment. Apart from a mostly covers set as a trio in a pub in Wareham in July 2021, the band have not performed together live since Halloween 2020. After being introduced enthusiastically by Hot Radio’s Elysa Marsden they kick off strongly with the atmospheric EP opener “Virtual Jungle” and the band attempt their take-off in front of a sold-out crowd of adoring fans. They are hit by a little turbulence when there are a few problems with microphone leads and Josh breaks a string, however, just when you think things are going to take a nosedive the band increases the throttle and takes off. Tonight’s virtually all original set has been planned meticulously during many hours in their rehearsal room. The new tracks sound fantastic live, better than anyone expected with “Ode To Mary” and the epic “Keep Smiling” showing the band beautifully firing on all cylinders.

Capulus 123456789

There was a moment during one of the older songs “Resist”, where the band all looked at each other and could not quite believe the reaction of the crowd, who all sang the words of the song back at the band with a beautiful unison. The band can be broken down into notable parts: Josh and Tom’s perfect synchronising of their melodic guitar parts, coupled with an excellent relentless rhythm section and the wondrous vocal connections. A cheeky cover of Britney’s “Toxic” with a message that nobody should have to suffer what she has (#FreeBritney) and final number, a powerful version of the EP’s title track leaves the audience and the band breathless. The audience call for more but the band have given everything they have and a whole load of audience members each, in turn, go up to the stage to congratulate them with a round of celebratory fist bumps, handshakes, and hugs… notably from Josh’s Father who was a clearly a very proud man.

This gig has been a long time coming and Capulus play one of the best gigs of their lives, this is their time where everything came together at the right moment – with the right songs, the right musicians and a hometown to celebrate with.

Set Lists
Virtual Jungle
Murder is My Hobby
It Was You
The Beggar
Black Book
Keep Smiling
Serpent’s Tongue
Ode To Mary
Toxic (Britney Spears)
We Are What You Made Us

Space Traveller
Sunny Sunday Mornings
Busy Body
No one Needs to Know
D Vibes
Get High
Green Trees
And Don’t Wanna Be Low

One Word
I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor (Artic Monkeys)
Gold Ceiling (Black Keys)
Valerie (The Zutons)
Sweet Smell (Original)
Longview (Green Day)
Plug In Baby (Muse)
Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters)
7 (Catfish and The Bottlemen)
Hysteria (Muse)
Still Me (Original)
Bohemian Like You (The Dandy Warhols)



Words, Pictures & Video by David Chinery (Chinners).