South Coast Rockers “Regional One” release the follow-up to their last EP “Sold”, with the release of their highly anticipated 2nd EP “Hero”. The band have really pushed the boat out and recorded all for tracks in the studio with legendary producer Romesh Dodangoda at Long Wave Studios; he has been at the helm recording some top Rock bands including Bring Me The Horizon, Florence Black and Nova Twins.

The band claim inspiration from modern giants such as Muse; Shinedown, and Avenged Sevenfold – the band also take influence from legacy legends such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. The combination of these sounds brings together the band’s sometimes highly theatrical and exhilarating sound; with a host of thought-provoking, relevant content.

Frontman Simon explains “The EP reflects on both love and loss, with a positive and reflective spin on the subject matter, with lyrics such as “you seize the night, I’ll seize the day” and “and through it all, you are not alone”. The Hero music video follows the origin story of a character living within the dystopian future of Regional One. “Ministry” is set within the same conceptual setting, written from the perspective of a dystopian, futuristic company that owns and controls everything. The Ministry controls the media. The Ministry controls the narrative. The Ministry controls you. OBEY. YOUR. MINISTRY. “Hide” is a bluesy; grungier take from Regional One, and features a more rebellious message. “Louder” explores a rawer sensation, that of lust and the need for a good time. Sometimes you just got to listen to nature”.

Regional One

Recently; in addition to their regular live performances, Regional One have been very proactive in promoting themselves and other artists – they have been live streaming interviews and conversations with other creatives via their Facebook page, discussing a range of topics such as Song writing; performing, acting, AI, culture and storytelling.

The EP opens with the title track “Hero” a soaring modern slice of rock that shows the band coming together to deliver one of the most impressive pieces of work that they have ever released. This fictional story about a dystopian future is backed with an uplifting atmospheric musical soundtrack with some wondrous guitar work, set over the top of cleverly creative rhythms and Simon’s powerfully moving voice. The icing on the cake is the glorious guitar solo that shows Stevie really finding that sweet spot that every guitarist is striving for.

“Hide” changes direction with the band providing a different, slightly heavier sound that is driven with a constant drumbeat and a host of revolving basslines and guitar riffs. Track three “Louder” is the sound of the band getting their groove on in the studio, the sound of the band enjoying being in the company of each other and providing a track that is there for all to enjoy.

All the band’s notable elements are present and each band member delivers beyond their means to show that their chemistry together and skills are reaching a pinnacle, a place that they wanted to reach when the band first formed. The final track “Ministry” was inspired by the government’s secret parties during the lockdown period, the members of parliament were apparently having parties while the message to the our country was to Stay at Home. A powerfully angry song full of creative highlights, with yet more pulsating guitar work from Stevie, along with some elevating vocals that delivers the lyrics in a poignant way.

Regional One are one of Bournemouth’s top Rock/Metal bands who deserve to be pushing themselves to be performing on bigger stages and to larger crowds. With Romesh taking charge of the recording process he has most certainly got the best out of the band and this investment has provided dividends in four great songs that show the band off in their best light.

Find “Hero” here.

Regional One are…
Simon Ball – Vocals
Stevie Lees – Guitar
Callum Mitchell – Bass
Aaron Levens – Drums

Track Listing


Words by David Chinery (Chinners)
Photography by Doriana Rey

Regional One