Dammit Records have released a brand new five track EP from The Cribbs called “Gypsies, Chavs and Thieves”. Details for the band are in very short supply but they are not to be confused with the Yorkshire Indie/Rock combo The Cribs. This 5 track Ep is best described as a “tongue in cheek, Punked up Oldies”. Those of a certain age may remember the classic originals “Lily The Pink” and “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”, but these reworking will bring a smile to your faces as Summer nears its end and we head for another bleak Winter of Discontent.

The Cribbs are a “record only” band that was created from a core of anonymous musicians who originally wanted to re-create and ‘Punk up’ some old 60’s hits. The result was an EP called “78RPM” where they pumped up old songs, mainly from the stars of yester-year; the late Bernard Cribbins and Mike Sarne but there are also other classic songs of the same era. The track “Right Said Fred” was a particular favourite with their fans, especially when they did an expletive version which was a bit saucy to fill the normal sound effect gaps.

The Cribbs

Always done in a tongue in cheek style, their attention turned to more “modern” classics after their charity hymn single in December 2022, by producing their latest EP. The 5 tracks have more of a comedy feel but yet again they have turned worn out songs into tracks full of energy with a Punk twist.

All members still want to remain anonymous but what they can tell you is that they are all from the South East of the UK, they record and produce all their songs at Dammit Records studio and all contact should be made through them on dammitrecords7782@yahoo.com.

What’s next? Who knows with those cheeky Punks!

“78RPM” 7 track EP (CD and download). Released 14th Feb 2022 on Dammit Records.
“In The Bleak Midwinter” Single (download only). Released 3rd Dec 2022 on Dammit Records.
“Gypsies Chavs And Thieves” 5 track EP (CD and download). Released 4th September 2023 on Dammit Records.

Dammit records are a low-key record label from the South East of the UK that wants to help struggling unsigned bands get their music recorded, published, promoted and sold. ‘We’re not here to make loads of money, just promote good music, YOUR music’. For the princely sum of just 3 of your English pounds, you too can own these great songs while helping out yet another unsigned band. Well, what are you waiting for…..

Gypsies Chavs And Thieves can be purchased here.

Track listing
Maidstonian Girls
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Lily The Pink
Gypsies, Chavs and Thieves
Silvia’s Mother

Promo article by Ross A. Ferrone

The Cribbs