Dorset’s most formidable pirate band “Bonsai Pirates” release their new single on November 24th, “When the Dusk Fades”. The new single is the first from the band’s upcoming EP “Dark Side of Doubloon” and tackles the subject of the aftermath of loss. It is powerful and intense and a stark change from what people expect from Bonsai Pirates. The song captures a storm of feelings through aggressive and punchy traditional instruments, with swelling strings that rise and fall throughout.

The track is The first ever single to be released by the band and is the first of 3 from the forthcoming E.P. “Dark Side of Doubloon” which is a darker return to their rum-soaked piratical roots and has been over two years in the making. Alongside “When the Dusk Fades” is the biographically inspired “Ballad of Anne & Mary” which is about two female pirates who sail the high seas; “Tentacles”, the soon-to-be-absolutely-iconic rendition of “Ten Thousand Miles Away” and a totally different take on songs of the sea “Shanty”

The track shows a more serious side to the band’s songwriting, created with some atmospheric instrumentation along with some beautifully sung harmonic vocals. Rob and Becky put in a fine performance; weaving in and out of each word, perfectly creating just the right mood for the darker subject matter. The band have previously been known to have a more fun element to their songs with tracks like the raucous “Where’s Your Cutlass” and fan favourite “Schrödinger”. The band’s enetertaining local live performances have become legendary, with the band whipping up a storm wherever they perform. The new tracks will be a nice addition to their growing setlist, showing off a quite different side to the band’s creative abilities. It’s also worth checking out the fantastic animated accompanying video, created by Bert Brunell.

Bonsai Pirates

Bonsai Pirates are
Rob Fletcher – Guitar/Vocals
Mandy Browne – Drums
Becki Woods – Vocals
Dave Mastrocola – Bass
Sophie Avison – Accordion/Aerophone
Julien Hericote Rapper/Vocals

“When the Dusk Fades” is released on all streaming platforms on November 24th.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners)

Bonsai Pirates