Let me introduce you to the new single “Shine a Smile” from The Curst Sons. Their first single release in 25 years of playing and recording will be available for public download on Thursday 18th January 2024. Taken from the album ‘New Signs and Old Visions’ scheduled for release in Summer 2024. “25 years of The Curst Sons” If your idea of Blues music is a desultory trudge through 12-bar standards in the back room of a pub on a Sunday afternoon, then The Curst Sons will put your mind right.

Over a quarter of a century this unique troupe from the Southlands (of the UK) have honed their combination of Blues, Bluegrass, Hillbilly, Folk and dark Americana into something that summons up the unquiet ghosts of Leadbelly, Howling Wolf and Bo Diddley. Powered by the compulsive chronic thro’ of Willi Kerr’s ‘Zob Stick’ and swaggeringly syncopated slide guitar; mandolin and banjo from Tim Dunkerley, Scott Smith and a shifting cast of accomplices, they regularly transform audiences of usually rather polite-looking people into frenzied bands of madly dancing maniacs.

the Curst Sons

They can be tender too. The songs are mostly originals written by the band along with expertly curated covers, often touch deep emotions. But mostly the music just charges, heads-down like a maddened bull at a barn door that some hapless farm hand has painted red. The new track features some sweet three-part harmonies and some beautifully curated melodic mandolin that shows off the fines skills that these three guys bring.

The musicians can be seen in their video trudging along London Road train station in the darkness bringing joy in the gloom to whoever has the fortune to be listening. The track is a mere Hors-d’œuvre to the release of “New Signs and Old Visions” in the summer, where they will be no doubt entertaining hordes of people performing at the many UK Festivals.

The Curst Sons are…
Tim Dunkerley (Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals)
Willi Kerr (Vocals & Percussion)
Scott Smith (Bass, Banjo & Backing Vocals)


Words By David Chinery (Chinners)