Hangover Hill Presents “Live & Unheard” at Lighthouse Poole

I return to my “Happy place”; those of you that have a challenging occupation will fully understand, that after a difficult and frustrating day at work; leaving it all behind and going to a music venue helps these frustrations evaporate. “Live & Unheard” at the Lighthouse in Poole is the monthly go to place for new discoveries, to meet new and existing friends and hear some great live music. Matt Black and Mel “unpronounceable name” from Hangover Hill productions have laid on three acts tonight with a curveball thrown in for good measure.

Regular readers wont be surprised to hear that our host the local legend Si Genaro has his secret stash of harmonicas with him as once again he has been invited to join a couple of the acts on stage tonight. The first act is Jason Lloyd-Bevis and Si plays in a covers band with him called “Jason and the Alco-noughts”. Tonight “JLB & Co” is the originals branch of his musical output and joining him is Peter Sherburne on electric guitar. Former soldier Jason has had the musical itch for over 35 years and has performed in a host of different bands. Recently he’s started to concentrate on his own original songs and an album is currently in the pipeline.

Opening with “Grass Roots” a track with a Bluesy vein that shows the guys combining electric and acoustic guitars to great effect, the track’s lyrics show an appreciation to those around you who are the rocks in your life. Musical troubadour Jason sings these songs from the heart and provides some wonderful lyrical content culled from his life experiences. “Confidence is Provence” is an early highlight with Si on harmonica and Peter on guitar showing off some of their impressive skills, combining perfectly.

Jason Lloyd Bevis
Jason Lloyd Bevis 1234

A track called “Forget About Tonight” inspired by legendary ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn shows some wondrous instrumentation on an atmospherically beautiful yet slower song with some powerful lyrics. The trio’s set ends on Jason’s 2024 single “Mesmerized” that displays some more up-tempo styles featuring some jazz style influences. The trio take their bows and let’s hope for a return here at some stage in the future when the new album is released.

As there has been a few changes to the line-up this month, I was not aware of this next curveball that Matt and Mel had in store for us this week. “Pete The Temp” is above all a poet; also an author, a musician, a comedian and an uplifter of spirits. With a guitalele and looping station on stage, I was expecting a few original songs. Pete knocked all those expectations out of the water. He says his aim is to make “moments of togetherness happen”.

Pete the Temp
Pete The Temp 123456

His material is alternative, off the wall and so unique. He is funny, while being slightly disturbing at times. His material combines emotion with satire taking he audience on an unexpected rollercoaster of a ride. This humourist material comprises of his fine ability with the loop station and off the wall stories about random subjects. From relationship break-ups, barefoot shoes, to Gregorian style chanting, Rapping in Latin to the hilarious inner child talking to himself. He had the whole crowd stunned into silence, listening to his every word with reams of laugher flowing as the random punchlines are delivered. This journey of weird, with Pete’s silly and childish stories are a joy to watch. I along with many other members of the audience are already looking forward to seeking him out again and having another entertaining night in his company.

I am much more acquainted with tonight’s headliners The Jimmy Hillbillies, I have spent many a great night in a field in Dorset and Hampshire with them at various festivals. Their line-up contains musicians that reach out far and wide of the local music family tree, having all played in a host of different bands over the years. They are primarily a Hoedown band and have influences from Johnny Cash to Hank Williams, from The Waterboys to Madness from Dolly Parton to Primal Scream. Their line-up features Barry Baked Beans (Mandolin/Vocals), Jason Elms (Drums), Ski Daddle (Didge of Doom/Banjo/Washboard/Vocals), Jo Eagan (Vocals/Melodica/Washboard), Mark Riley (Bass), Sue Holt (Accordion/Tin Whistle) and Adelle Copeman-King (Accordion/Triangle/Cowbell).

The Jimmy Hillbillies
The Jimmy Hillbillies 12345

Kicking off with “Mule Train” the colourful septet create an instant driving momentum and a party atmosphere. With rhythms and melodies along with their enthusiasm you can’t help being uplifted by all they have to offer. Playing to a seated audience is quite alien to them as most of their audiences feel the need to get up and dance. Though we are invited to stomp in our seats and that is exactly what everybody is doing. Many songs though classed as originals have been politely borrowed from many different artists and if you listen carefully, you will hear familiar bits and pieces. They are like a Frankensteins monster with melodies and lyrics cleverly put together by creator Barry Baked Beans.

“Desert Tale” offers us some Ska while “Message in The Box” pays a sincere tribute to the late musician Karl Wallinger of The Waterboys/World Party. The sublime multi vocals acapella of “Down to The River” is followed by the menace of “Chicken Train”. Si Genaro’s chugging harmonica is rolled out once again and the band energetically railroad along the tracks in their first-class carriages. Ski dances his way up the stairs and back down again…. not bad for a gentleman in his mid-fifties (though he doesn’t look it). “So Disco” and “Night Like This” show most of the band’s creative skills and prove that they are vanguards of the local scene and a band that will always deliver on any occasion. The crowd love everything this band have to offer and demand an encore. This comes in the form of “Kentucky Fight Club”, a track about what happens outside a KFC takeaway after the pubs kick out on a Friday/Saturday night. The band leave the stage without any derailments, as this well-versed unit have provided us with some wonderful entertainment here tonight.

Set Lists
The Jimmy Hillbillies
Mule Train
Desert Tale
Cornfield Cadilac
Shine a Light
Message In the Box
When I’m Gone
Boots On
Down To the River
Chicken Train
So Disco
Night Like This
Kentucky Fight Club

Jason Lloyd Bevis
Grass Roots
My Kin
Confidence is Provence
Snake in the Grass
Forget about Tonight
Onwards and Upwards


In April there are two Live & Unheard events to enjoy at the Lighthouse in Poole: the first is a special “Live & Unheard Legends Event” on Saturday 6th April featuring Sirpico and DD Allen, you can purchase your tickets here.

The Second is on Thursday 25th April featuring Kingsfoil, The Raid and Ruffdog Elliott. Tickets can be purchased here.

Both are expected to be busy, so please make sure you purchase your tickets in advance.


Words & Media by David Chinery (Chinners)

The Jimmy Hillbillies