60 Milion Postcards, Bournemouth

New 60 Million Postcards Events Manager Joe Grange is just at the start of his tenure with this new task in hand. He has big shoes to fill, taking over from the “We Broke Free” team of Tor and Adam. Having shadowed them on a variety of events for several years, he knows what he is doing and I for one have faith in him. Tonight, we are bestowed with the company of local Indie heroes “Wave Chase”; who share their time between Bournemouth and Brighton, having made waves on both seaside coasts with several notable gigs. Before they take to the stage, they have brought along four-piece Brighton band “Comforts” to warm up the already sizeable audience.

The first thing you notice about this stylish quartet is the energy and enthusiasm that they emit. Opening with a track called “Mixed Signals” the smooth vocals, significant rhythms and the melodic guitars provide plenty to enjoy. Frontman Sam Dembowicz (whose current attire looks like he could be a member of Kid Kapichi, maybe it’s a Sussex thing), whips up the Bournemouth crowd and tells them how pleased the band are to be here.

One of the highlights is a slower paced tune called “Changes” where Matt and Sam show off their combined guitar skills with a smouldering atmospheric creation, which culminates with Matt’s impressive blistering guitar solo. The band are extremely tight with Alfie Webber on Drums and ‘King Tear’ on bass providing the rigid backing for the band’s catchy creations. Their recent single “Lost Your Lover”, along with a newer track called “Night Flight” brings their performance to a close. The crowd provide plenty of positive encouragement as the four leave the stage after a great set. Comforts
Comforts 1234

“Wave Chase” are a band that have worked hard for their limited local success. After a stream of singles, along with some significant performances in South Coast venues and festivals, they have earned themselves a large local following and tonight have pulled a huge crowd for this homecoming show. Opening with “Walk the Walk” the well versed crowd are singing the lyrics along with the band from the start. Their tunes are catchy and draw you in with the clever instrumentation. The demographic of where this quintet live usually makes it difficult for them to get together regularly, this evening though all members are present and correct and playing the right instruments.

For those not familiar with the line-up we have frontman/founder member George Kingman on Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar with Mickey Golicher on Lead Guitar, Tim Baldwin on Bass Guitar, Charlie Cane on Drums and Sam Ruthen on Synths/Guitar. Their tunes come from the poppier side of the Indie spectrum with tunes like the radio friendly “Second Time” and “Call Me Selfish” getting the crowd moving. They are a humble bunch of chaps and what they lack in confidence is made up with in their combined creative abilities. The twin guitars, keyboards, rhythms and multi-layered vocals are an ever present part of their musical expressions.

A surprise cover of the 1980’s Buggles hit “Video Killed the Radio Star” arrives three quarters of the way through their set. It is wholly embraced by the audience who are mostly too young to remember this Trevor Horn-created banger. The carefully planned set includes a few tunes that are requested by promoter/friend Joe including the bonus track from the “Second Best” EP “You’ve Got Me All Wrong”, this shows off George’s vocals at their best.

Wave Chase
Wave Chase 1234

Being dragged along by the euphoric nature of this great hometown gig, I wish the band could be more adventurous and take this excitement and enthusiasm on the road. To date their playground has mainly been the South Coast and i feel they need to be brave and show the rest of the UK what they have to offer. A few trips to London, Manchester or Birmingham in the right venues could reap dividends for the band. They only need to play in front of the right person and more doors could potentially open for them. Sadly, there is very little history of Dorset acts taking it to the next stage and I as a huge supporter of the local scene, I’d love to see such a band have the success they deserve.

The band’s momentum is kept high until the end and they finish off appropriately with “Sit by The Sea”, another ear-worm of a tune that the audience seem to love. Sixty Million Postcards is a great place to see a gig; the sound is always spot on, and it has plenty space to accommodate large audiences. Keep an eye on our gig guide for more announcements of some great upcoming bands.

Set Lists
Wave Chase
Walk The Walk
Feet Don’t Follow
Second Time
Can’t You See
Call Me Selfish
Tired Eyes
Someone Who
Video Killed The Radio Star (The Buggles)
So Much To Do (So Little Time)
You’ve Got Me All Wrong
At Least I Can Say I Tried
Sit By the Sea

Mixed Signals
Get Out Your Head
Be Someone
Lost Your Lover
Night Flight



Words & Media by David Chinery (Chinners)

Wave Chase