April 26th marks the release of the new single “Serenity” by Rock quartet “The Forsaken”. Originating from the vibrant music scene of Cambridge UK, the band emerged in 2021 as a beacon of resilience and artistic expression. Founded by lead vocalist Dan Hunsdon, the band serves as a testament to the power of music in overcoming adversity and personal struggles. The band have been in the studio with acclaimed producer Jake Day of “North Acre Recording Studio”; creating their 2nd single, a powerful anthem born from personal triumph and inner peace. The track is a follow-up to their powerful debut “Pain”, which was just unleashed on the world in March.

Dan Hudson explains “this song isn’t just about overcoming addiction, it’s about embracing the serenity that comes with letting go of the things beyond our control. It’s a reminder to focus on what we can change, to find solace in the present and to forge ahead with courage and resilience. With its raw emotion and stirring melodies, “Serenity” is a testament to the strength of the human spirit”. Dan Continues “I poured my soul into this track, crafting it as a testament to his journey towards sobriety and clarity. “Serenity” marks a pivotal moment in Dan’s life, written after completing steps 4 and 5 of the 12-step program. Through the support of his sponsor and the determination to confront his past, Dan discovered a newfound tranquility within himself.

The Forsaken

The track from the start offers itself with the raw emotions from its open and honest subject matter, powerfully showing the strength of the human spirit. With its immense drum patterns, coupled with the extreme basslines and fluidly powerful melodic guitars; the vocals stand tall and proud, shaking every piece of emotion out into the open. Around three quarters of the way through, a stunning guitar solo takes us right through to the song’s conclusion. “Serenity” will be available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music on the 26th April 2024.

The Forsaken are
Dan Hunsdon – Lead Vocals / Bass
Stu Isteed – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jack Hunsdon – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
Adam Cheverton – Drums


Words by David Chinery (Chinners)

The Forsaken