That Anglo English/French duo Scenius are back with another mesmerising slice of Dark/Electro to fill our eardrums with pleasure. “Breezing Through It” is a wonderfully simple; lo-fi, low intensity song with accompanying video, offering a tale of unrequited love and one guesses, a one-sided affection. This dreamy, synth-heavy offering harks back to the First Wave of British Electronic music.

Layered vocals compliment simple keys and samples, it’s the music of low budget film scores with its Kraftwerk influence early on. Latterly I’m hearing nods to post Vince Clark-era Depeche Mode or OMD, but you the listener will make your own mind up. Either way this is a fine single in an era where borrowing from past genre’s seems to be the order of the day. Scenius however seem to take snippets and make their own distinct sound, which seems to be a winning formula.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone