South Coast Rock/Metal outfit ENDEA are pleased to announce their brand new single “I Am”, which is to be released on Friday 21st June. The single follows a quartet of other singles including “The Hunt”, “The Reckoning”, “Kaleidoscope” and “Watchers at The End”.

Founder member Grimshaw explains “We have moved away from releasing albums, and aim to consistently produce and release new material. We like to continuingly evolve our sound while staying true to our original roots, We have never been a band who just stick to one genre, we always have liked to push the boudaries of our creativity”

The song was recorded in the band’s own studio which they have spent many years adding to. They have written, tracked, produced, mixed and mastered the song themselves. Being a concept band, the song ‘I Am’ tells the story of a beaten deity who looks back on his journey and the things he put in place in a cosmic to make sure a powerful tyrant would never stand unopposed.


“I Am” is a powerful slice of modern Metal with a unique sound that pushes the boundaries using the original Rock rudiments. Grimshaw’s vocal ebbs and soars with refined potency, coupled with the dynamic rhythms and the extra muscle of the melodic twin guitars. The band plan to make a return to playing live in the near future and from their past explosive performances and their new material, it’s going to be an event well worth attending.

Band Members
Grimshaw Endea – Vocals
Dan Stamp – Lead/Rythm Guitar & Vocals
Tony Greenhalgh – Lead/Rythm Guitar
Robert Barabas – Bass Guitar

Find The Single on Spotify and iTunes here.


Article By David Chinery (Chinners)