After spending the winter and spring holed up in Hawkeye’s “Hall Farm” recording studio set in the beautiful Dorset countryside, singer/songwriter Millie Watson is now ready to release the fruits of her labour with the 2nd single from her forthcoming debut album “Heartstrings and Bones”. The new track is called “Milk and Bread” and will be available on all major streaming platforms from June 20th 2024. Millie explains “the song is a poignant exploration of the bittersweet journey of life, beautifully capturing the resilience of the human spirit. In the lyrics I parallel between the natural world and human experience. Even though the moon is in darkness, she shines her light and even though the sun falls down every day, he still picks himself up to rise high again. Humans are just like this too. They fall down in darkness, but there will always be light and they will rise again”.

Millie Watson

Millie’s early life paved the way for her current successes; raised by festival traders Millie spent her childhood Summer’s immersed in the UK festival circuit, traveling with her family and soaking UP a diverse array of music and culture. From a young age she was surrounded by the rich tapestry of festival life, often skipping school to travel to festivals such as Glastonbury and Beautiful Days. Between school terms and festivals, Millie and her father were regulars on the Kent Folk club scene. These clubs; often a haven for the most talented and tortured songwriter, provided Millie with a profound education in writing and performance. It was in these raw, honest Country pubs that she honed her craft, learning from some of the old and wisest songwriters around.

Millie’s music is deeply rooted in Folk traditions that influenced her from the early days of spending time in the Folk clubs, however that’s not the whole story. There are many other modern styles coming into play too. Her tunes are characterized by her silky voice and husky tones. Her lyrics are deep and full of openly honest experiences and observations. This creation supplies melodies that resonate with both the hopeless and the hopeful. The simplist gentle, acoustic guitar; backed with subtle harmonies are the perfect backdrop for her soulful voice that is equally gentle and powerful, while providing sincere emotions. Millie has brought her talents to a host of major festivals including the Tolpuddle Festival and a couple of slots at last years Glastonbury Festival. To celebrate the release of “Milk and Bread,” Millie will be performing live across the UK sharing her newly created creations with new and familiar audiences.


Article By David Chinery (Chinners)

Millie Watson