Two bright lights of the Dorset music scene, Jordan Digby of Soulhole & Nory-J have cross-pollinated and created an all original track together. Hot on the heels of last years “Sit Down Shut” which was made with a coming together of Jordan Ayriss and Opalites, now we are about to see another fine collaboration. The track is called “Bite the Bullet” and is destined to be a Summer party Pop anthem of 2024.

Nory J “aka” Jack Spooner explains “so I came up with the chords for the verse and that killer groove, and after hearing the Soulhole tune “Lostism” live, I automatically thought of doing collab with Jordan”. The musicians originally met at a Hangover Hill Live & Unheard gig at the Lighthouse Poole, a place that has become a synonymous hangout for people in the local music scene. Jack and Soulhole started to play a few gigs together with a few joint bill gigs. They found they had plenty of common musical interests and it was clearly only a matter of time before a collaboration happened.

Nory-J And Soulhole

Jack showed Jordan the chords, then in October of last year; together they got it written, recorded at Jack’s home studio in Wimborne during early 2024. They recruited talented musician Guy Courtie to add some subtle percussion to the track, Guy has previously added his skills to the fine Nory-J track “Irrelevant, Benevolent” last year. The song has a really smooth chilled vibe with some special instrumentation that really has the Summer feel-good factor flowing through it. Jordan and Jack’s rich harmonious vocals combine beautifully together, along with the infectious percussion. It’s really Invigorating to see these two guys working together, bringing their plethora of skills forward to achieve one goal. It’s a really unique piece of work and I challenge anyone to find anything out there like this, it is really ground-breaking. The track has certainly lots to enjoy during it’s three minutes and 15 seconds of air time and I suggest several listens to really get what these guys have created here.


Review By David Chinery (Chinners)

Nory-J And Soulhole