iBar, Bournemouth

Kid’s Can’t Fly have been making a few waves recently with their latest video ‘She Called Shotgun’ getting lots of airplay on music channels, their catchy rather addictive tunes get under your skin and after a few listens you are hooked. Bournemouth is date 12 on a 13 date tour of the UK which ends in their hometown of Southampton.

The weather in the South of England in the last day has been a mix of sub zero temperatures with lots of snow and ice, but despite these seasonal conditions a good crowd has made it down to the iBar for this evenings entertainment. First on are ‘I Met Nature’ who are a 5 piece female fronted band from Salisbury who show great promise with some nice easy to listen to tunes that keep the audience entertained. Tracks such as ‘Eye Of The Storm’ and ‘A Long Goodbye’ gave solid examples of well written and excellently executed music the give the night the bump start it needed with the freezing cold conditions outside.

Bournemouth’s ‘Pump Action Radio’ are next up and I saw them recently put on a great show supporting ‘Attack Attack’ just down the road at Champions a few weeks back. Tonight my expectations are high. They start well with ‘One Lie Away’ which is played well and with lots of confidence. A few songs in, lead vocalist Jim breaks a string which almost spoils momentum of the set as he has to dash to his car to get a spare guitar(note to Jim in future keep it on stage with you!!!) with the remaining members left floundering a bit. Jim returns, plugs in and the band produce a great cover of Jason Derulo’s ‘In My Head’ which gets the audience singing along. The band leave the stage to some appreciation from the slightly more warmed up crowd who all are advised to go and buy the band’s EP ‘With Friends Like These’ from the merch table for only £3.

The venue seemed to fill up significantly upon the arrival of the main attraction ‘Kids Can’t Fly’. They are a six piece that include a two piece brass section and their brand of ska/punk includes periodic batches of metal guitar make for a very exciting sound. Right from the start the band’s two vocalists command audience participation which included lots of bouncing in unison with the band and even a circle pit that included a human pyramid in it’s centre. The band got the audience right on their side with great performances of ‘Tune In’, ‘Heartstrong’ and ‘Writing Letters’ which had everybody bouncing around and singing along with the choruses. I certainly cannot fault the bands serious amount of enthusiasm and energy which made for a top class show, the band left the stage with no encores leaving everyone wanting more…much more!!!

Videos :
I Met Nature

Pump Action Radio

Kids Can’t Fly


Words and pictures by;
Dave Chinery(Chinners)


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