Mr. Kyps, Poole

Lady Winwoods MaggotAfter Christmas when money is too tight to mention, an offer of free entry to a gig at Mr Kyps before 9pm is an offer too good to refuse especially if the headliners are Dorset Music Awards finalists ‘Lady Winwoods Maggot’. The four piece death western specialists are promoting their recently released and impressive album ‘Buffalohead’ which combines a complete mix of styles making for very interesting listening experience.

Tonight’s support act are Salisbury band ‘Caught in The Crossfire’ who arrive on stage to a sizeable crowd. Their haunting ambient 90’s style shoe gaze sound shaping guitar sounds drifts around the venue with lead singer Sadie-Lee’s voice hitting the high notes with ease. The songs were almost seamless with each sequencing into the next, the only drawback of this the audience were not sure when to show their appreciation in-between songs. The young band impress and after a 30 minute set and they leave having made a great impression on many here.

As the main attraction takes to the stage they look out into the hall and see nothing but a mass of smiling faces waiting in anticipation for the music to start. The place is completely packed out, which must be so satisfying to the band members, word of mouth has of spread from their great past performances. The band kick off with the upbeat Banjo lead number ‘Unleash the Dogs’ which is the opening number of the new album which immediately get much of he audience’s feet moving. The lighting rig is producing great effects amongst the dry ice with green lasers flowing over the heads of the audience with the band washed in red and green.

Classics mixed with plenty of new tracks from ‘Buffalohead’ and throughout the whole set, there is no let up in the fast pace. At one point lead singer Mark breaks a string on his electric guitar, which gives Kev the drummer a chance to do an extended drum solo which he relishes, getting plenty of encouragement from the audience. The set ends after a 2 hours, with a great cover of ‘Free Falling’ by Tom Petty, with the whole of the audience singing the chorus like a fully rehearsed choir.

The band left the stage and the audience goes wild demanding more. The band return with a tribute to ‘Elizabeth Beresford’ creator of Children’s TV show The Wombles who died recently. ‘Remember You’re a Womble’ is belted out using the very last bit of everybody’s energy. A great evening and without doubt nobody can deny this band just get better and better.

Set List
Unleash The Dogs
I Know What’s Mine
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Bad Mood
Chase the Cat
Lannigans ball
Fallen Angels
This Town
Close To The Sun
Billy Tango
Painted Horses
Some Kind Of Saviour
My Home Town
O’Keefe’s Slide
Bury Me deep
The Rakes of Kildare
Jostlin with Jocelyn
I Fought the Law
Free Falling
Remember You’re a Womble


Words and pictures by;
Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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