Joiners Arms, Southampton

Sucioperro from Scotland are back at the Joiners after a successful performance last taking the long trip down from Ayr to support Aldershot three piece Reuben. They obviously made and good impression and many of the fans there that night are back for more. The band are made up Fergus Munro(Drums), Stewart Chown(Bass) and lead vocalist/guitarist Jp Reid who was famously with Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro in Marmaduke Duke.

Tonight must be a celebration of the three piece as all three bands on tonight all have three members each…intent or just coincidence? The 1st of these are Bournemouth band Icarus 1. They have recently just changed their name from ‘Nion Abeo’, as most people were having trouble pronouncing it. Icarus 1 have bought a good crowd of friends and family with them and all seem eager to see them perform some new material that they have been recently working on.

The band perform an impressive set of sound shaping numbers of experimental rock with intricate bass lines, elegant guitar effects and fast paced drumming coupled with Toby’s powerful vocals which bring it all together. The 1st band on always seem to have a hard job in this venue, Icarus 1 took up the challenge with relative ease with songs such as ‘Dimensions’, ‘Ready For The Nation’ and new track ‘Fiery the Angels Fell’ which shows a stunningly atmospheric new direction for the bands music.

Part Dinosaur sound like a refreshing mess of guitar, bass and drums who are all over the place in a good way, they are attempting to push musical boundaries that have been set by previous artists, the succeed in winning over the crowd, with the animated drummer at the centre of the stage being a pleasure to watch. At times the band individually seemed to all be playing a different song and then bring it together before going off in different directions, very entertaining indeed.

I think is certainly no coincidence that Sucioperro’s sound can easily be compared to that of Biffy Clyro, lead singer JP Reid’s Ayr accent is quite apparent from the start. The band kick off with ‘Running From All The Doesn’t Tempt You’ from the latest album ‘The Heart String and How to Pull It’, the band members all seem to be strangely colour coordinated with the two guitars and drums being in a blue colour along with the band’s T-shirts, I am not sure if this was pure coincidental or intentional, maybe there is a hidden meaning?

The crowd seem to know most of the material and there are a few enthusiastic souls singing along to every word. The over all reaction is very positive, you cannot help be impressed with these well written songs, excellently executed guitar rifts and harmonious vocals. The band gets involved in a lively sing-a-long during ‘Conception Territory’ which included the audience singing the line “Don’t Leave me say that you love me” which was repeated over and over. The band leave the stage to mass applause and a memorable heart fell sentiment line from Jp Reid…”Believe in yourself and let the people you love know you love them”

Running From All The Doesn’t Tempt You
Are You?
Grace And Out Of Me
Out & Over
Don’t change (what you can’t understand)
Dialog On The 2
Hate Filters
Reflexes Of The Dead
I Jumped Into The Heart Of A Black Situation
Random Acts Of Intimacy
Ideals Have Values
Conception Territory
You can’t lose (what you don’t have)




Part Dinosaur


Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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