Champions, Bournemouth

Tonight Champions played host for the first of three gigs for an old Bournemouth band, back from when the Gander and Mr. Smiths were the primary live music venue for some of us. This is the first Poze gig in 10 years, and billed as “The Exxhumation 2011”, with special consideration for the charity UK Brain Tumour, in memory of Janine.


The first act was Damnation Alley, a local 3 piece, performing faced past punk-rock. However, despite the energetic drumming the audience seemed a little reluctant, but slowly warmed up to them. This did not deter the band in the slightest. They maintained their energy throughout the set.

They played a fews covers which grabbed the audiences attention, including “Pretty Vacant”, and “20th Century Boy”.

Their final song of the evening was a cover of Tenpole Tudors “Swords Of a thousand Men”.


It was apparent that the crowd was here for Poze. The floor began to fill between the acts, and as Poze took to the stage. From the start the crowd immediately warmed to the four piece (6 if you include the change in drummers!). It has been 10 years since their last gig, the Central in Lower Parkstone, also for some in the audience it was a re-union of old faces.

As Greg took to the stage his enthusiasm had not waned at all, and it seemed as if the band had not changed since their last performance. Playing a mix of their own material, and covers, both being equally enjoyed by the crowd.

Proclaiming to be the biggest threat to chastity since 1066, and stating that Glam rock should be cheap ‘n nasty – they did not disappoint. To add to the reunion feel the band cycled through 3 drummers for various tracks.

Adding to the party atmosphere balloons were released during Wild Thing, to the delight of some audience members.

Joined by the guitarist from Damnation Alley for “Bathroom Wall”, they kept the pace of the music up.

Ending the evening with their own “Blusher Krusher”, a track that was well received by those in the crowd who had seen them over a decade ago!

Definitely not a high-brow evening, but good fun, and great atmosphere, and more importnatly the audience left smiling.

Set list
Midweek Action
Rock ‘N Roll
O 2 Loze
Just A Dream
Wild Thing
Tie Your Mother Down
Lick It Up
Wig Wam Bam
Bathroom Wall
Something Else
Unskinny Bop
We’re Gonna Die, But, We’re Going Do It

Talk Dirty To Me
Blusher Krusher

Further Dates
April 23rd, Macmillan Nurses Benefit Bash, Champions
June 15th with Voice of Reason, Champions

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