These guys could have easily jumped in to a Tardis and travelled into 2011 from 1977, a time when Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten were the kings of the punk music scene. The band clearly wear their influence on their sleeve and are very honest about what they are all about.

The band 1st came to our attention when they won the ‘A’ Factor band competition at this years Mike Peters/Alarm Gathering in Prestatyn in North Wales. The were easily a head and shoulders about every other band on the bill and clearly knew how to entertain. The music industry have previously had lots of other ‘Punk’ influenced bands such as the Manic Street Preachers who succeed at what they do with quality song writing developing on from the early influences.

Vicious Liberty’s self titled album has not just got a few goods songs on it with the rest all being fillers, the whole album is really listenable and proceeds to improve with each listen. The opener ‘Am I Made of Money’ a line that every parent has said to their children, kicks off unashamedly borrowing the guitar intro from the Sex Pistols. When I first heard the album I felt the goosebumps raise on my arms and the hairs on the back of my next stand up….it was that good and that does honestly not happen very often, it is packed full of on guitar classics such as ‘One Last Summer’, Liberation Radio and the Reggae/Clash sounding ‘Studio Control’.

The shining star of the release is slow ballad called ‘Sing For You’ that starts of with an acoustic guitar with vocalist Matt Peach’s passionate heart wrenching vocals delivering with pure emotion. This album has everything that I could ask of a band and after seeing live in January I can also say they deliver this to the Live stage with some style. If anyone in the music industry is reading this they must lsiten to this album and pay these boys a visit they have a big future.

Matt Peach- Voice, Guitars, Harmonica
Ed ‘Cpt Flash’ Watkins- Voice, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Edd Ody – Drums, Voice

Track Listing
Am I Made of Money?
Forced Fun
Studio Control
London City Streets
The Light
Liberation Radio
Sing For You
One Last Summer



Words By Chinners.

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